Honoring your time and yourself

There are days in all our lives when we feel run down, spread too thin, lost, without purpose, or just tired.  I become tired often, so often it is as though I live in a perpetual state of tiredness.  During these times or days or maybe weeks, it is common to question personal decisions.  I... Continue Reading →

A family’s eye-opening first beach vacation with a baby

My word. Traveling is difficult enough with a baby who does not enjoy car rides, but a weeklong beach vacation is not really what I would call relaxation.  There were a few moments of sweet napping, smiling at family, and watching the waves, but there might have been more whining, confusion, and exhaustion (for the... Continue Reading →

Yoga Poses for Every Day

The summer days are busy with vacations, road trips, camps, family time, swimming, and work!  How can we manage to give time to ourselves when the days seem to get away from us?  And now school is beginning and activities are picking up.  Where does the time go and how do we make time for... Continue Reading →

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