Upcoming Events with Wildflower Yoga!

July is a busy month for Gadsden, Alabama and in the yoga community!!  There are several opportunities to learn the art of yoga and practice in different environments.  All classes taught by Sarie are open to ALL levels of yogis, ages, and genders.  There is no judgement or comparison, only space for breathing and love.…Read more Upcoming Events with Wildflower Yoga!

Happy Birthday Luna Mango!

Today is Luna Mango's fourth birthday! I cannot believe how much a tiny, little kitty has changed my life.  She is the sweetest little girl, just like her sister was. It is also very bittersweet; our sweetest puppy will celebrate her sister's and all the rest of her birthdays in Heaven. Looking through the stages…Read more Happy Birthday Luna Mango!

I’m on a mission to truly love my body.

I'm going to be quite honest.  This is something that I still struggle with, literally on a daily basis. I feel like I keep getting bigger; some days I am okay with it because I can see the muscle and feel my strength.  And some days I hate how soft and full my body is.…Read more I’m on a mission to truly love my body.

Sensitive vs. Dramatic / Feel your Feelings

Human beings are very complex and confusing creatures.  As I get older, I realize that there are constantly challenges that face me, and I wonder if I will ever have a grasp on my own being.  Finding my identity feels so close, yet not within arms length. I have always been the most emotional person…Read more Sensitive vs. Dramatic / Feel your Feelings

11 Simple Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

Regret is not something I claim.  There are mistakes in my life, but I believe they all have taught me lessons.  Sometimes the lesson is simply "don't do that again," or maybe the explanation is much deeper.  Whatever the mistakes, everything has brought me right here, where I am meant to be. If I were…Read more 11 Simple Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

One night..

When I was a freshman in college, I had an experience with sexual assault.  I never thought I would be sharing this, for various reasons.  I think one of the main reasons I couldn't see myself sharing this trauma is because I couldn't admit it happened. I was not raped, beaten, bleeding, or severely injured.…Read more One night..