HEALING Yoga: Volume 1

HEALING Yoga is a guide to help you find balance, peace, and tranquility in the body, soul, and mind.  The collection of poses and breath work is designed to help you heal your stress and face your fears with love and patience.  I wrote this book for a few reasons: to help my friends, family, and fellow health enthusiasts begin a yoga journey; demonstrate how yoga can reduce stress, anxiety, and even insomnia and mild depression; and tips to practice yoga (on or off the mat) daily. 

Healing Yoga is in electronic book form!  This means ANYONE, ANYWHERE can purchase the book!  You just download it (environmentally friendly) or print for your convenience!

EVERY MONTH, 20-30% OF PROCEEDS GOES DIRECTLY TO A GROUP OR ORGANIZATION IN NEED OF HEALING.  Follow @healing_yoga_ to see who receives the donation each month or email wldflwryoga@gmail.com to make suggestions for specific organizations!    

Get yours HERE:


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