In Response to ‘There You Are’

After blogging about the book I have now started reading, Wherever You Go There You Are, I have been making the effort to be more aware.  Often it is difficult to accept this is where I am and embrace this place.  Making a few changes and observations helps me and can help you maneuver intentionally during this... Continue Reading →

My love language has become so obvious to me. Quality time. I feel the most loved when I am spending TIME with my loved ones.  I love, love, love my friends.  It might be an insane amount, kind of like my love for John and our pets, but they light my heart up!  Now since... Continue Reading →

There You Are

I am about to embark on a new training - yin yoga.  It is a short intensive weekend in the mountain town of Asheville.  One of the required readings is, "Wherever you go There you are."  Unknowingly, I purchased this book at a discount book store several weeks ago.  Maybe even months ago.  I have... Continue Reading →

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