Love Language

My love language has become so obvious to me.

Quality time.

I feel the most loved when I am spending TIME with my loved ones.  I love, love, love my friends.  It might be an insane amount, kind of like my love for John and our pets, but they light my heart up!  Now since I am away from all of my best friends, I realize how special our short times are together.  Getting married was magical for so many reasons, but seeing my favorite humans multiple times for showers or weekends made these times even better!  Yes, I got stressed and couldn’t always communicate with my girls, but when we got together, nothing else mattered.

Just about a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting two of my closest friends, along with several other friends I have missed.  Going back to my college town of Tuscaloosa, AL was more nostalgic than I anticipated, and everything left me emotional and so joyful.   I left and came back to Nashville smiling for days!  I felt more energetic and more at peace.  My short few hours with each of these lovely persons was worth more than I imagined.

Understanding this about myself has helped me appreciate life in a different way.  I try to use any form of communication, or even memories, with my closest friends as quality time.  The simple act of spending time with someone, whether it’s sitting, talking, eating, emailing, practicing yoga, sending pictures, or going out goes a long way with me.

Taking the time to understand how you give love and how you receive love helps us better to communicate with others.

And feel loved more fully.


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