Yoga + Journaling on a Saturday morning

This morning's class was Kapha. Grounding, acknowledging feelings, and preparing for the upcoming full moon. ūüĆē Lately I've been irritable, not towards my baby, but towards everyone else.¬† I've gotten lost in my emotions and annoyed with how I've been mistreated.¬† Then, this morning, I made the connection to LET IT GO.¬† I realized I... Continue Reading →

Noccalula Falls

One of the best and most beautiful areas of Gadsden is Noccalula Falls! ¬†This 90 foot tall waterfall is surrounded by gardens, majestic trees, a petting zoo, and a full park. ¬†It is quite easy to spend a whole day here! Being near to the Falls was one of the biggest draws of our new... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Events with Wildflower Yoga!

July is a busy month for Gadsden, Alabama and in the yoga community!! ¬†There are several opportunities to learn the art of yoga and practice in different environments. ¬†All classes taught by Sarie are open to ALL levels of yogis, ages, and genders. ¬†There is no judgement or comparison, only space for breathing and love.... Continue Reading →

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