Yoga + Journaling on a Saturday morning

This morning’s class was Kapha. Grounding, acknowledging feelings, and preparing for the upcoming full moon. 🌕

Lately I’ve been irritable, not towards my baby, but towards everyone else.  I’ve gotten lost in my emotions and annoyed with how I’ve been mistreated.  Then, this morning, I made the connection to LET IT GO.  I realized I need to own my thoughts and not blame others for how I am feeling.  Just because we disagree or I’m ignored does not mean I need to let it fester and grow deeper.  By letting it fester, I am allowing them more power over me.  No one has control over me and my emotions except for me.  I feel how I feel, and I have the power to dig myself out of any negativity, irritability, or frustration.

So what do I do to make a change?

I breathe.  I stay in the moment and see from all perspectives.  Judging others leaves no room for love.  I have to practice what I teach: CHOOSE LOVE OVER JUDGEMENT.

I show grace.  I show compassion towards myself and others in the situation.  They are not making me feel a certain way, and even though I am allowing that emotion space, I need to do just that.  Hold space for myself, to explore my emotions, and for that person.

I look at Lucca.  I see him and know all is well.  Watching him in each moment, appreciating everything he is teaching me, I can remain with what matters most.  I can also remain connected to the moment and grounded in my being.

Trust.  I can Trust in the love and care surrounding me.  I can trust others and give myself the space, alone time, and know I am taken care of.

It was wonderful teaching and sharing in this space today.  If you want to practice this exercise, the questions we addressed are below.  Write down your answers and SHARE.  Sharing is healing, educating, and connecting.

》 Mantra connected to the root chakra (muladhara): I recognize and accept the abundance of love, trust, and care surrounding me.

》 Sitting in a deep, long hip opener (like pigeon pose), what is irritating you right now, or currently in your life?

》 In what parts of your life – places or people – do you feel the most love, security, and peaceful?  Why do you think that is?

》  What hinders you from feeling grounded?

》 What can you do in your everyday life to return to groundedness?



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Art above is located in the gallery at the Gadsden Museum of Art.

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