Yogi Diaries 5

Coming back to Yoga and Accepting YOUR journey... This week, I had a new woman come to my yoga class.  She was very kind and happy to be there, able to practice.  However, as soon as I walked in, she started talking about her body in a negative way and complaining of her physical capabilities. ... Continue Reading →


I’m on a mission to truly love my body.

I'm going to be quite honest.  This is something that I still struggle with, literally on a daily basis. I feel like I keep getting bigger; some days I am okay with it because I can see the muscle and feel my strength.  And some days I hate how soft and full my body is.... Continue Reading →

Feel your Feelings

Human beings are very complex and confusing creatures.  As I get older, I realize that there are constantly challenges that face me, and I wonder if I will ever have a grasp on my own being.  Finding my identity feels so close, yet not within arms length. I have always been the most emotional person... Continue Reading →

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