I’m on a mission to truly love my body.

I’m going to be quite honest.  This is something that I still struggle with, literally on a daily basis.

I feel like I keep getting bigger; some days I am okay with it because I can see the muscle and feel my strength.  And some days I hate how soft and full my body is.  As a woman I know the body is constantly changing and going through internal work, which alone is amazing.  I try to remember this and fight to keep my health at the foremost point of my mind.  But sometimes this tricky mind likes to tell me that I am fat.  That my belly is disgusting.  That with all the yoga I do, I should be much more fit.

I see girls who I was always smaller than in the best shape of their lives.  Instead of being happy for their health and fitness, I become harder on myself.  Then 5 minutes later, I remind myself how I STARVED for years and lost hair, friends, my period for a while, and my joy.  The shape of my body (or any of these crazy thoughts) is not the beginning or end of the world.  **In addition, I am not practicing asteya by grasping for what is not mine and showing anything resembling jealousy towards others’ success.


Now I am coming back to wanting joy.  I long to see myself the way Our Creator sees me.

I’m on a mission…  A mission to truly love my body.

My future children need to love their bodies. They should appreciate the bones, skin, muscles, and all the beautiful “imperfections” that make us human.  I want them to be proud of their natural body, and most proud of their heart.  It is important to me that people see their worth, value, beauty, and strength in themselves.

It breaks my heart to think a loved one is insecure, embarrassed of their physical shape, or has negative thoughts about their body.  And then I think… if I care so much about others thoughts and body image, shouldn’t I do the same?  I should be able to look in the mirror and accept myself as a child of God.  Imperfectly human.

The body is what holds the heart, soul, and mind.  The body is a beautiful vessel, but it is not all the exists.  What lies beneath the bones and natural figure is where the true beauty is.  My hope and prayer is that I see this truth in myself and represent natural beauty out of confidence and love.

I am on a mission to truly love my body and myself.

I am not perfect, but in a way, I am.  God created and molded me, and He does not make mistakes.  There are no faults in his masterpieces, and that is what we are: a masterpiece.


Will you join me in this mission?  Are you willing to practice self-love?  Are you ready to truly love what you have been gifted?

I am more than a body.  I am more than flaws.  I am beautiful.  We are all uniquely and wonderfully made.





HEALING Yoga: Volume 1 is one of the best tools to use in discovering and accepting oneself through yoga, breath work, and meditation.

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