From Fired to Engaged and Finding a Path of Truth

A few years ago, I was painfully let go from a job.  For this position, I was overqualified and underpaid to say the least.  Most of the women there were- and still are.  Anyway, I loved the children I worked with and most of the co-teachers.  The majority of women there were kind and understanding.... Continue Reading →

My love language has become so obvious to me. Quality time. I feel the most loved when I am spending TIME with my loved ones.  I love, love, love my friends.  It might be an insane amount, kind of like my love for John and our pets, but they light my heart up!  Now since... Continue Reading →

Before this month took off, I was working on ideas for my yoga classes.  I decided to explore the yamas, one of the Eight Limbs of Yoga, during the month of June and have classes related to them or mentioning the ideas.  Depending on the style of class, of course.  The yamas are the restraints... Continue Reading →

  Growing up, I was always running away from my family. I have felt like the black sheep for a while (even though it is probably only in my head), but everyone still loves me. During high school, I was a brat, a lot. Suffering through eating issues the way I did, I didn't want... Continue Reading →

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