We all have things that irritate us. Here’s what can help

Ever since I became pregnant, I have been more irritable than I have ever known.  Things people say get under my skin, things I see on the Internet piss me off, and lots of little things drive me crazy to my core.   This is where my human nature comes out.  I lose all my yogi... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Mamahood!

Our baby is one month old. A lot of people say they cannot remember the time before the baby was born, but I definitely do.  I remember sleeping a lot during my pregnancy, because I thought I was tired then.  Now, I am consumed with everything baby.  And I honestly, truly wouldn't have it any... Continue Reading →

WHY ‘HEALING Yoga: Volume 1’

Why did I write and publish the electronic book, "Healing Yoga: Volume 1"? Why is this guide for YOU? How does one stay committed to the healing process? There are so many yoga guides, books, teachers, and resources out there!  With all this information, it is important that we search for the truth.  Why do... Continue Reading →

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