WHY ‘HEALING Yoga: Volume 1’

Why did I write and publish the electronic book, “Healing Yoga: Volume 1”?

Why is this guide for YOU?

How does one stay committed to the healing process?


There are so many yoga guides, books, teachers, and resources out there!  With all this information, it is important that we search for the truth.  Why do we practice yoga?  What do we want from this ancient practice?  Everyone’s needs differ when it comes to a yoga practice, but with so many options, it can be confusing which way to go.

I wanted to find a way to reach my friends and family hundreds of miles away.  With all these helpful tools and techniques, it is not fair for me to hoard these secrets.  I wrote Healing Yoga: Volume 1 to demonstrate how accessible and relaxing yoga truly is.  The guide is written to encourage my friends and family to try yoga.  Once one practices a few times, the love and benefits of yoga take over, and I no longer have to convince them of it’s amazingness.

Yoga can be very intense and challenging or super chill and gentle.  Healing Yoga gives you these options, from repeating vinyasa multiple times to lying with the legs up the wall and eyes closed for 20 minutes.  I present these poses and proper breathing to you, and you can cater the practice to specific needs.

There are a few things that might help you as you maneuver through this practice as you follow the guide.

  1. Be patient.  ENJOY where you are in your journey, at each moment.  You will never be able to be a “beginner”again.  Embrace this time.
  2. Pace yourself.  Try a little bit every day, or practice every pose 3-5 times a week.  Consistency will definitely help you improve flexibility and strength, but do not ever force your body into a painful position.  Move with as much ease as possible.
  3. Commit.  Commit to 5 minutes doing at least 1 or 2 poses or pranayama everyday.  This little commitment will help in the healing process.
  4. Embrace community.  Try practicing these postures with a friend, a teacher, or even your children.  Bringing others into the action will help you stay motivated.
  5. Remind yourself of your “why” regularly.  Why and what are you looking to heal?  Bring your awareness back to that intention often to encourage a regular practice.
  6. Share your experiences!  Sharing will help others learn of these healing works, and they will want to know why you are calmer.
  7. Modify when needed.  Modifications are described and pictured in the guide.  Feel free to practice these at A N Y T I M E.  It is always best to listen to the rhythm of your breath and the sensations of your body instead of the ego.  It will help you avoid injuries and practice more often.
  8. Always end your practice with a moment for gratitude.  This may be a prayer, a mantra, or a special thought, but it is important to offer thanks for the gift of yoga and opportunity to practice and heal the body.

Get your copy of Healing Yoga: 1 today!  Use the code “spreadlove” for a discount only until May 5, 2017, Friday.

Healing Yoga: Volume 2 will focus on taking the practice deeper!  Coming soon!



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