We all have things that irritate us. Here’s what can help

Ever since I became pregnant, I have been more irritable than I have ever known.  Things people say get under my skin, things I see on the Internet piss me off, and lots of little things drive me crazy to my core.   This is where my human nature comes out.  I lose all my yogi techniques and become a little frustrated.  Especially now as being a mother, I am hyper sensitive.

These are a few things that bother me and how I am practicing getting through them.  I say practice, because it is definitely a work in progress.  It is not been easy for me to let the little things go.  The phrase pet peeves actually bothers me, so I say irritating, annoying, bothersome, or any other synonym!  First tip!  Find a way around phrasings that bothers you.

 1. Thongs all over Instagram. Cheeky is enough ass.  I see this way too often in girls doing yoga.  THIS IS NOT YOGA.  You can do yoga in your pajamas, naked (but that doesn’t need to be posted), in swimsuits, that is fine.  But yoga is not about doing transitions and showing off your body (booty).  It is about being in your body.  Posting photos and videos is good; it helps us to see progress, motivate ourselves and others, and hell, it’s fun to share!  However this oversharing happens in more than solely yoga; it’s all over the internet.  People being disingenuous and posting for fame.  My solution: unfollow these accounts and continue doing me.  Keep spreading the true reasons we practice yoga, share real life, and contribute to social media in a respectful manner.

 2.  When people call MY CHILD, “my baby.”  He is not your baby; I gave birth to him, I carried him around in my belly for 9 months, and now on my hip for 3 months.  I breastfeed him, I am up all night with him.  YOU did not get birth to him, and no matter your relationship to him, he is not yours. This may sound selfish, but I do not care because he is MY child. Mine.  If you are not the mother or father, then he’s not your baby.  It’s insulting to the parents who put in ALL the hard work.  I have actually blogged about this before because it makes me that crazy.  What I do to help: Take MANY deep, deep breaths, talk about it to my husband or another mom who will understand, and write.

3. When southerners say “you guys” instead of “yall.”  This one is really silly, but it irks me for some reason.  I am a woman, not a guy.  How to deal: try to laugh about my preferences and see where other people are coming from.

 4. Another annoying thing is when people think they need to give you advice, offer you a solution that worked in their situation, or act as if they know it all.  Sometimes we need to simply share or vent.  We want to be heard.  We don’t always want to hear your story.  At times it helps to know we are not alone, so tell your side with compassion.  The solution: say things like, “I’m sorry. I understand.” Or “I’m here if you need to talk.”  Acting like you have all the answers does more harm than good.  The best thing to do is LISTEN.

 5. Litter.  It’s selfish, inconsiderate, harmful to the environment, and just rude.  There is so much litter in neighborhoods, parks, the water, and on streets around where we live.  Solution: call people out when they carelessly dump trash out.  Carry a bag in the car with you, so there are no excuses in dropping things outside the car!  RECYCLE. It’s our job to care.

Moral of the story: think before you speak, talk with compassion and kindness, laugh at yourself when it is appropriate, and speak your truth.  Be you.
Earthy mama,

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