Yoga + Journaling on a Saturday morning

This morning's class was Kapha. Grounding, acknowledging feelings, and preparing for the upcoming full moon. ūüĆē Lately I've been irritable, not towards my baby, but towards everyone else.¬† I've gotten lost in my emotions and annoyed with how I've been mistreated.¬† Then, this morning, I made the connection to LET IT GO.¬† I realized I... Continue Reading →

For my [future] daughter:

I saw this cycling around Facebook a while ago and wanted to save and share it.¬† Whenever we do have a girl, this will be helpful. *Also, I do not know who originated this, but if you do, please let me know so I can credit them! Rules For My Daughter: ¬†1. Make your bed... Continue Reading →

Color Therapy

"Just Enough" inspires to find the FIRE in your heart. ¬†Fire isn't always a bad thing, especially when it's balanced. Inner fire develops strength, productivity, and exciting energy. Purchase this watercolor to help you heal using Color Therapy for only $15! *Basically to cover shipping and supplies.   Color Therapy heals with this watercolor, "Water."... Continue Reading →

Leaving Nashville

My husband and I have recently decided to move from Nashville, TN to Gadsden, AL. ¬†I am originally from Shreveport, LA (a population of about 100,00), and he is from Gadsden. ¬†We have been here for about 5 years, 6 for me, and are ready for a big change. ¬†Even though we are only about... Continue Reading →

How to get along with children

Ever since my little brother was born, 22 months after me, I was obsessed with all things babies and cute kiddos! ¬†I blame a lot of this on him, because he was the cutest baby with the most kissable cheeks. ¬†I always tried to kiss his cheeks, even on the school bus. ¬†He didn't like... Continue Reading →

Look UP

One advantage of being "shorter" is that I am always looking up. ¬†I often get a different perspective because of the viewpoint change. ¬†At 5 feet 4 inches, I might be considered average, but I usually do not feel that way. ¬†I am very comfortable with my height and have learned to deal with any... Continue Reading →

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