Leaving Nashville

My husband and I have recently decided to move from Nashville, TN to Gadsden, AL.  I am originally from Shreveport, LA (a population of about 100,00), and he is from Gadsden.  We have been here for about 5 years, 6 for me, and are ready for a big change.  Even though we are only about 2 hours from Alabama, we miss calling it home.  John and I met in college in Tuscaloosa, and I have a lot of friends in the area as well, so several things are drawing us back.

After a lot of deliberation and thoughtful discussion, we are leaving our first home.  We had a lot of special memories here, especially in the fall and spring, but our time here is ending.  While I am genuinely thrilled to be leaving Nashville after many years, the reality of it is beginning to hit me.  I keep saying I haven’t let it, but now I am realizing what a move entails.

There are a few things I will miss about Nashville:

  1. Whole Foods Body (&Whole Foods).  This is the WF jackpot and I visit for more than produce.  There are not many places (in the US) to find healthy, natural body products.
  2. The Frist Center of the Visual Arts.  The exhibitions are always changing, and my internship here is what originally brought me to Nashville.  ArtQuest is the coolest, too.
  3. Cheekwood in Bloom.  Because tulips are my favorite, and Cheekwood Museum of Art and Botanical Gardens has a beautiful facility and array of lovely gardens.
  4. Yoga at Kali Yuga Yoga.  KYY is where I did my training, I met some of my closest friends, and my home studio.  The intimate space and light is perfect and calming.
  5. All the parks!  There are SO many metro parks and trails, and I have visited lots.  Nashville is very green and nature friendly.
  6. Live on the Green.  It’s one of the only few free music events, and with the astounding concert ticket prices in Nashville, this is a must.
  7. The Woods at the Fontanel.  We saw Widespread Panic (our favorite band) there several times, and it is such a cool venue!!
  8. The Ryman Auditorium.  So historic and hosts amazing musicians.


If you are ever in the area, visit some of these places!  Nashville is much more than country music and offers something for everyone in the family!


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