Look UP

One advantage of being “shorter” is that I am always looking up.  I often get a different perspective because of the viewpoint change.  At 5 feet 4 inches, I might be considered average, but I usually do not feel that way.  I am very comfortable with my height and have learned to deal with any obstacles that may come with the territory. 😉

Yes, usually at concerts or in any crowds I cannot see much other than other people’s backs, sides, and the sky.  Maybe that is one of the reasons I am so mesmerized by the magnitude of the sky!  I also think that looking up is a symbolic notion.  We look up to God, the clear sky, the universe in search of calm, peace, hope, or wisdom.  These emotions do not belong to us anyway.  Our feelings are simply moments, good or bad, that are constantly evolving into the next moment.  But in those moments, we look above, outside of ourselves for answers or clarity that is bigger than we alone can solve.


As I reminisced through our 2014 Europe vacation, I really became aware of how much I love ceilings, windows, lights, and artistry.  Duh!!  Especially in Europe, the architecture is so beautifully designed, and the ceilings tell stories, have geometric touches, or are plain stunning.  Here are a few of those ceiling images we took while we were playing tourists and breathing it all in!


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