Yoga + Journaling on a Saturday morning

This morning's class was Kapha. Grounding, acknowledging feelings, and preparing for the upcoming full moon. ūüĆē Lately I've been irritable, not towards my baby, but towards everyone else.¬† I've gotten lost in my emotions and annoyed with how I've been mistreated.¬† Then, this morning, I made the connection to LET IT GO.¬† I realized I... Continue Reading →

Yogi diaries 6

Postpartum   Finding time to practice yoga with a 2 month old baby is hard enough.¬† Add in the facts that there are VERY few options in a small town, and I am not willing to leave my baby with anyone other than my husband, yet... There's very little asana these days. Yoga also looks... Continue Reading →

Yogi Diaries 5

Coming back to Yoga and Accepting YOUR journey... This week, I had a new woman come to my yoga class.¬† She was very kind and happy to be there, able to practice.¬† However, as soon as I walked in, she started talking about her body in a negative way and complaining of her physical capabilities.¬†... Continue Reading →

When No One Shows for Yoga

In the past few months, I have had more "no-shows" in my classes than I have had in 1.5 years teaching in Nashville. ¬†Moving to a much smaller city where people are unsure of yoga has really opened my eyes. ¬†I was prepared for fewer people in class and even getting paid less. ¬†However, I... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Events with Wildflower Yoga!

July is a busy month for Gadsden, Alabama and in the yoga community!! ¬†There are several opportunities to learn the art of yoga and practice in different environments. ¬†All classes taught by Sarie are open to ALL levels of yogis, ages, and genders. ¬†There is no judgement or comparison, only space for breathing and love.... Continue Reading →

Yogi Diaries 4

Why it is inconsiderate to be chatty in yoga class... Having the opportunities to teach yoga to different groups of people in several environments, I have noticed how talkative some people tend to be. ¬†Now I don't mean asking for a modification or asking any question or laughter is not allowed. ¬†Even mentioning something to... Continue Reading →

No Fear…

[ Why you shouldn't be afraid to go to your first yoga class ] Fear is a force that either drives and encourages us¬†or destroys us. ¬†There are SO many fears and misconceptions about yoga, the practice, the philosophies, and all things in between. ¬†When I talk about yoga, which let's face it, is all... Continue Reading →


With all the "cyber sales" and shopping madness, I am feeling in the GIVING spirit! ¬†For the month of December, I am offering major discounted prices for private and/or group sessions! ¬†The beauty of these "private sessions" is vast, so I will offer¬†a better understanding of what exactly is to be expected. With a private... Continue Reading →

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