Yogi diaries 6



Finding time to practice yoga with a 2 month old baby is hard enough.  Add in the facts that there are VERY few options in a small town, and I am not willing to leave my baby with anyone other than my husband, yet… There’s very little asana these days.

Yoga also looks very different for a lot of reasons: a baby on or beside my mat, figuring out this postpartum body, not always in clothes that fit, and practicing for a much shorter time frame.

With all the “obstacles,” yoga practice is still a priority.  My postpartum body needs deep breathing, so much stretching I cannot put it into words, quiet time getting to know my softness, and sweating.  I do what I can, when I can.

When I do make it to my yoga mat, I have found myself almost lost.  My hamstrings are insanely tense, my hips are tight, a lot of flexibility has diminished, my core strength is gone, and I don’t know where to begin my work.  I’m allowing myself to ease back into a practice, especially with this new body.  It is as if I’m a complete beginner!

Beginning again is hard as hell.  And a little wonderful.  I am taken back to a time when I wasn’t obsessed with advanced postures and vinyasa after vinyasa.  As a teacher, this allows me to be more intuitive in how bodies move and what my students need.  I am able to give more detailed instruction and be more patient.

My personal practice will become more dynamic in a timely manner, but maybe this is an opportunity to focus more on my teaching techniques.  Hopefully, this postpartum body and practice will allow me to be a better, more accommodating teacher for my students.


Namaste yogis.

Keep practicing!

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