Yogi Diaries 4

Why it is inconsiderate to be chatty in yoga class…

Having the opportunities to teach yoga to different groups of people in several environments, I have noticed how talkative some people tend to be.  Now I don’t mean asking for a modification or asking any question or laughter is not allowed.  Even mentioning something to your neighbor yogi is totally fine!  But when people hold full conversations or even answer phone calls in the middle of class, it is beyond disruptive.

I view the practice space as a safe and sacred area.  Everyone should feel comfortable and be able to receive all the benefits of a yoga class with others.  Here are a few reminders why it is important to have “yoga etiquette” in class:

  1. It’s distracting to the teacher who is “holding space” for all the other students there to practice.  Although not school, your yoga teacher is a teacher.  We are focused on presenting the poses to you in a tangible manner.  Respect that they are leading you the best they can.
  2. Everyone is in class for different reasons.  Chatter is very disrupting for those who come to get peace and quiet.
  3. The energy in the room should stay pure and mindful.  Conversations can interfere with how others respond to the space.
  4. Yoga is about the BREATH, so how can you focus on it if it’s being wasted on unnecessary words?
  5. Conversations can interrupt your state of mind.  The mind is what we are trying to focus!

Yoga is a different experience for each person, but I believe we should not interfere with other’s practices.  Part of the experience is COMMUNITY and we should celebrate that in a respectful way.  Come to your mat to enjoy the practice, have fun, grow, and always be kind to yourself and others.


Namaste 🙂

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