With all the “cyber sales” and shopping madness, I am feeling in the GIVING spirit!  For the month of December, I am offering major discounted prices for private and/or group sessions!  The beauty of these “private sessions” is vast, so I will offer a better understanding of what exactly is to be expected.

  1. With a private yoga class, each class is designed for your needs specifically.  Meaning, if you want to learn how to sit in Lotus Pose, I will put together a series of classes to open the hips and hamstrings.  If you want to touch your toes, we will start from there.  Your practice will reflect exactly what your body needs!
  2. You have the teacher to yourself!  Ask all the questions about the yoga sutras, why we lie in savasana, or ask to bring your own music!
  3. Great for BEGINNERS.  Never been to a pretentious studio or don’t have a desire to squeeze in some overpriced leggings just to feel lost in a power flow class?  Learn what practice works from you and also build from the basics up.  After practice, you will be able to keep up in class and get all the benefits yoga has to offer!
  4. You SCHEDULE your personalized class when it works best for you!
  5. Fall in love with the journey of yoga 🙂
  6. And SO MUCH MORE!


Email to book your session now!  Check out the CLASSES tab for more information.

In addition yoga opportunities, I will also be selling some CLOTHES!  Prices will be only $8-$25 on gently used and NEW clothes.  Photos and information about the clothing sale coming soon! 




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