Yoga + Journaling on a Saturday morning

This morning's class was Kapha. Grounding, acknowledging feelings, and preparing for the upcoming full moon. ūüĆē Lately I've been irritable, not towards my baby, but towards everyone else.¬† I've gotten lost in my emotions and annoyed with how I've been mistreated.¬† Then, this morning, I made the connection to LET IT GO.¬† I realized I... Continue Reading →

Yoga Poses for Every Day

The summer days are busy with vacations, road trips, camps, family time, swimming, and work!¬† How can we manage to give time to ourselves when the days seem to get away from us?¬† And now school is beginning and activities are picking up.¬† Where does the time go and how do we make time for... Continue Reading →

Yogi diaries 6

Postpartum   Finding time to practice yoga with a 2 month old baby is hard enough.¬† Add in the facts that there are VERY few options in a small town, and I am not willing to leave my baby with anyone other than my husband, yet... There's very little asana these days. Yoga also looks... Continue Reading →

Mindful Walk

I lead a "mindful walk" weekly at the YMCA as part of my yoga teachings. ¬†This 30 minute to an hour walk has become one of my favorite times of the week. ¬†I learn so much about the community, how much the mind drifts away, and something new every single week. ¬†It's enlightening! What is... Continue Reading →

When No One Shows for Yoga

In the past few months, I have had more "no-shows" in my classes than I have had in 1.5 years teaching in Nashville. ¬†Moving to a much smaller city where people are unsure of yoga has really opened my eyes. ¬†I was prepared for fewer people in class and even getting paid less. ¬†However, I... Continue Reading →

More Than Asana

Ever since I started practicing yoga, I was very aware of this ancient practice being more than just a physical practice. ¬†I have seen firsthand in many of my students, and in myself, how we hold emotional hardships and Trauma in our body. ¬†Our body and the ability to move is directly affected from our... Continue Reading →

Why are Yoga Pants so expensive?!

The struggle is real. The cost of activewear, specifically yoga pants, is outrageous! ¬†As a yoga instructor and yogi who practices and/or teaches everyday, quality yoga pants are a must. ¬†Some days I teach power vinyasa classes, where we sweat a lot and need a change of clothing after. ¬†Other days I teach yin and... Continue Reading →

Noccalula Falls

One of the best and most beautiful areas of Gadsden is Noccalula Falls! ¬†This 90 foot tall waterfall is surrounded by gardens, majestic trees, a petting zoo, and a full park. ¬†It is quite easy to spend a whole day here! Being near to the Falls was one of the biggest draws of our new... Continue Reading →

Manifesting Dreams!

So many of my mentors and inspirational women in my life have recently stated how writing dreams down helps us to more forward them. ¬†I personally love making lists and love dreaming, big and small, so this action seemed to be exactly what I need. Sometimes we become bored, stressed, or lonely without goals, projects... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Events with Wildflower Yoga!

July is a busy month for Gadsden, Alabama and in the yoga community!! ¬†There are several opportunities to learn the art of yoga and practice in different environments. ¬†All classes taught by Sarie are open to ALL levels of yogis, ages, and genders. ¬†There is no judgement or comparison, only space for breathing and love.... Continue Reading →

What is “karma ” really?

"Karma Yoga is the Yoga of Action. It is the path chosen primarily by those of an outgoing nature. ¬†It purifies the heart by teaching you to act selflessly, without thought of gain or reward. ¬†By detaching yourself from the fruits of your actions and offering them up to God, you learn to sublimate the... Continue Reading →

WHY ‘HEALING Yoga: Volume 1’

Why did I write and publish the electronic book, "Healing Yoga: Volume 1"? Why is this guide for YOU? How does one stay committed to the healing process? There are so many yoga guides, books, teachers, and resources out there! ¬†With all this information, it is important that we search for the truth. ¬†Why do... Continue Reading →

Yoga Practice 8

This is the last yoga practice pose I will be posting for a while, giving you plenty of time to catch up with your postures and possibly improving!   Chair Pose Begin in Tadasana, Mountain pose, taking several rounds of breath to settle into your body. Keep the belly hugging into the spine. ¬†Imagine pulling... Continue Reading →

Yoga Practice 7

Adho Mukha Svanasana Downward-facing dog is one of the most popular poses you'll see in class and for many great reasons! ¬†It is considered an "inversion" because the head is lower than the heart and therefore raises the heart rate. ¬†You stretch the hamstrings, the back, and even the ankles! To enter Downward Dog: Begin... Continue Reading →

Yoga Practice 6

Paschimottanasana or Seated forward fold. This is one of my favorite GO-TO poses! ¬†This bend stretches the hamstrings, helps calm the mind, and decreases depression. Begin in Dandasana (Practice 3). ¬†Keep the naval pulling into the spine and the legs flexed and engaged. ¬†Toes point to the sky. Inhale and push the tailbone back, away... Continue Reading →

Yoga Practice 5

Crescent Lunge (Low Lunge) Begin in Mountain Pose, standing at the top of the mat. ¬†Exhale the hands down to the mat, and step the left foot back 3-4 feet to lower the left knee. ¬†Inhale and lift the chest up, pulling the belly in. ¬†Drop the shoulders and gather the hands at heart center... Continue Reading →

Yoga Practice 4

Tadasana -- Mountain Pose Tadasana¬†or Mountain pose is the foundation pose for all of the other yoga postures. Begin by standing, feet under the hip bones, or big toes slightly touching, with the toes pointed straight forward. Send the weight of the body to the balls and the heels of the feet. Think about lengthening... Continue Reading →

In Memory of Sarah Belle

My husband and I lost our sweet black lab, Sarah Belle, several days ago. ¬†Here are some of my favorite recent moments with¬†our angel, puppy face. . .    


Today's pose: Dandasana (staff pose) Begin in a seated position. ¬†Extend both legs out straight from the hip bones. Flex the feet and keep the legs activated. Sit tall, reaching the vertebrae up from the tailbone, up the spine, all the way to the crown of the head. Relax the shoulders. Align the ears on... Continue Reading →


This week, we will practice Sukhasana, or easy pose! To enter this pose, come to a seated position. Both legs fold in toward the torso, with one leg in front of the other. The knees fall outward. Press down through the tailbone, and extend the spine upward. Think of lengthening the back. Allow the crown... Continue Reading →


WEEKLY I will be presenting you with a basic yoga pose to help you begin your practice! ¬†You have a whole week to play and find your version of this pose. ¬†Be safe and patient with your body. ¬†Most of all, breathe deeply!   Child's pose, or Balasana in Sanskrit, is a pose you will... Continue Reading →

No Fear…

[ Why you shouldn't be afraid to go to your first yoga class ] Fear is a force that either drives and encourages us¬†or destroys us. ¬†There are SO many fears and misconceptions about yoga, the practice, the philosophies, and all things in between. ¬†When I talk about yoga, which let's face it, is all... Continue Reading →


With all the "cyber sales" and shopping madness, I am feeling in the GIVING spirit! ¬†For the month of December, I am offering major discounted prices for private and/or group sessions! ¬†The beauty of these "private sessions" is vast, so I will offer¬†a better understanding of what exactly is to be expected. With a private... Continue Reading →


Is everyone happy in the fall?? ¬†I feel like almost everyone I run into is excited for the cool weather and festivities. ¬†It is very refreshing! ¬†The season and the smiling people ūüėČ My teacher, Leah, reminded me that this season is the time to make changes, to begin cleanses, or set intentions. ¬†In other... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Workshops!

I'm teaching a vinyasa flow workshop AND a hip opener workshop this December here in Nashville! ¬†These two fun, intensive workshops are honestly for ANYONE. ¬†Particularly, the vinyasa workshop will be very beginner friendly! ¬†Only $10-15 a piece, you will leave feeling inspired and encouraged. ¬†Further information is below.   Find ¬†Your ¬†Flow:¬†Explore the Vinyasa... Continue Reading →

In Response to ‘There You Are’

After blogging about the book I have now started reading, Wherever You Go There You Are, I have been making the effort to be more aware. ¬†Often it is difficult to accept this is where I am and embrace this place. ¬†Making a few changes and observations helps me and can help you maneuver intentionally¬†during¬†this... Continue Reading →

I'm going to be journaling some of my most memorable, influential, heart-warming, and interesting moments that have happened during my first year as a yoga instructor.   EMOTION If you have taken a class of mine, you know how much I love heart and hip openings, setting positive intentions, and teaching self love. ¬†I believe... Continue Reading →

  There is so much heaviness out in the world right now, and I will touch on that soon, but I wanted to give you all a little break. ¬†And maybe some yummy ideas toward a healthier lifestyle in the meantime! I am a Louisiana girl who¬†does not eat meat, seafood, or spicy foods. ¬†I... Continue Reading →

Before this month took off, I was working on ideas for my yoga classes. ¬†I decided to explore the yamas, one of the Eight Limbs of Yoga, during the month of June and have classes related to them or mentioning the ideas. ¬†Depending on the style of class, of course. ¬†The yamas are the restraints... Continue Reading →

Rome wasn’t built in a day…

Rome wasn't built in a day, and most likely, neither were our physical ailments. It has taken me quite some time to get where I am right now. ¬†And as a human being, there is still always room to grow, improve, and learn. ¬†There is still much more for me to experience, but I am... Continue Reading →

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