How to have Faith in difficult times

Living in the chaotic, modern world of today, with all the distracting media, technology, and complicated hardships, is quite challenging.  Several weeks ago, a dear friend brought a good point and conversation to my attention.  These are questions I hear quite often:

“WHY is all this pain allowed to happen?  WHY all the hatred?  WHY senseless horror and suffering, impacting good people?”

I do not have the answers; I can only RELAY the messages I have heard from reading God’s Word and diving into my relationship with Him.

This is a little what I told her:

“Well that’s a hard one.  But it’s also when faith comes in.  Sometimes God has another plan and although we don’t see or understand it, it will make sense in the future.  Maybe not to me or you, but to Him.  I also believe God gives us free will.  He allows us to make choices, hoping we will make the right ones, but knows we are human and will fail.  When I feel overwhelmed with violence and sadness, I honestly just ask God to hug me.  I imagine him holding me in his arms and everything will be okay.  We cannot always help others when they don’t want it, like the violence and ignorance of those who refuse to listen.  But we can pray for them and ourselves.  Pray that we have more faith in God now than ever.  One of my favorite verses is in Matthew, “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute against you.”  Psalms is also all about praising God.
You can be mad at the world, because it is US who are imperfect.  But turn any anger and frustration towards God into praise, thanking Him for keeping you safe, unconditionally loving you and all the children, and understanding your thoughts and needs.

Lately I have been struggling with similar things and I just ask God to help me trust him. That’s sometimes all I can do.  Trust, pray, love Him, and thank Him for even allowing us to have free will… But I believe with love, hope, and forgiveness, good will prevail.
This too shall pass….”

Here are a few tips that help me through hard times.  Feel free to try these or incorporate your own.  Sending you love and hope during your trials….

  1. Prayer & Meditation.  God’s plan is beyond any comprehension, so why constantly worry?  HE has the power; surrender your worries to HIS plan.
  2. Visualization.  I am a very visual person, so when I am depressed or devastated from missing a loved one, I imagine myself in God’s arms.  I see myself climbing up into his lap so He can hold me.  In reality, if I am completely focused on Him then I am always in His hands.  Visualizing this comfort makes it feel tangible.
  3. Conversation.  Keep the conversations, concerns, and fears vocal so people can assist you.  Surrounding yourself with uplifting people will help you turn your attention back to trusting in God’s plan.
  4. Exploration.  Go see friends, wander around your city, go for a nature walk.  Exploring will help clear your head and give you new perspective.


“Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its full effect, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.”        James 1:2-4

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