Our [first] European Vacation

Exactly two years ago, John and I were packing up and planning our final decisions for our trip to The Czech Republic, Austria, and Italy.  As I remember this exciting time and recall the surprise proposal, I am delighted to have these precious memories captured.  Here are a few “selfies” of John and me from our vacation, with an occasional photo with my younger brother in Prague.  What an adventure!


Our glasses are from http://www.opticalzoneshv.com/.  I get ALL my sunglasses here, and used to get my glasses here when my vision was worse.  They have some of the best and most UNIQUE styles: hand painted Italian frames, German, Maui Jim, and so many more amazing options.  Oh yeah, and my dad just happens to be the ophthalmologist in the clinic, and my mom works in Optical Zone.  I have even helped her select some frames!  We really did feel very “European” during our time abroad, and get so many compliments daily!  This is the place to go to fashionably and concsiously protect your eyes 🙂

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