Yoga Practice 4

Tadasana — Mountain Pose


Tadasana or Mountain pose is the foundation pose for all of the other yoga postures.

Begin by standing, feet under the hip bones, or big toes slightly touching, with the toes pointed straight forward. Send the weight of the body to the balls and the heels of the feet.

Think about lengthening the legs by lifting the kneecap as you engage the legs, tuck the pelvis under so the tailbone is pointed towards the ground.

Pull the belly in towards the spine, relax the shoulder pull the ears back over the shoulders, the chin stays parallel to the ground and the crown of the head reaches toward sky.

Rest the hands at the side Palms facing out or bring the hands into Heart Center.

Take several breaths here and even close the eyes as you feel grounded and strong in your body.

Namaste 🙂

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