13-16 weeks pregnant

Welcome to the second trimester!  Apparently this is the most pleasant trimester, and that makes me very excited.


My fatigue has lessened, finally!  Some days I am FULL of energy and almost forget about my pregnancy.  If I do not sleep well at night, though, I will without a doubt need a pretty decent daytime nap.  Our puppy has been very patient with me and naps, or plays relatively quietly, while I am resting.  Other days when I have a substantial amount of energy, Lizzie is unsure what to do with herself.  She will follow me around as long as she can stand it, then find a place (the couch or her kennel) to lie down for rest.


I do not always notice when I become irritable, but my husband definitely does!  I am so thankful for his patience and understanding.  I thought I have improved with my need to control things, but I’m seeing it all rise back up.  With the baby still in the womb, I want to take care of everything before my focus is solely on him/her.  My particularity for cleaning, the placement of household items, and everything in between is a little ridiculous.  When something is “misplaced,” I nearly fall apart and become so frustrated.  It is a little irrational, but I am realizing it has something to do with the baby’s arrival.  When the baby does make his/her appearance, everything will be their call, and I will have little control.  It makes me a little nervous, and I think this is me trying to hold onto something.

Baby Bump

Pregnancy weight is slowly packing on, and my belly is still pretty small, but definitely present.  At 17 weeks along, I have gained about 6-7 pounds.  I am not uncomfortable, but I sure can feel the changes in my body.  The round ligament and uterus are expanding, and I feel the stretching!  Last week it was a little painful, but it comes and goes.  It is such a weird journey!

Yoga Practice

My yoga practice is also changing, and that has been a huge adjustment for me.  I do not do any full “vinyasas” or if I do, it is very occasional.  I modify most of my flows, but still feel pretty strong in my practice.  Moving and stretching always helps my mind and eases the discomfort of my stretching organs.  When I teach, I find myself holding “baby’s home” when everyone is lying in Savasana and I sit in meditation.  The baby, I hope and believe, is enjoying Mama’s work and yoga lifestyle.


Baby Bear is about 5 inches long now and 5 ounces!  He/she is also the size of a pomegranate, having grown from a poppy seed the week we found out.  The baby can sense light, has elbows and joints, will be able to HEAR Mama’s voice soon, and will kick soon.  The heart rate is a healthy 148.  I am SO happy and excited to soon feel baby saying hello through wiggles, kicks, and lots of movement!


A crazy happy, irritable, and constantly surprised MAMA,




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