Manifesting Dreams!

So many of my mentors and inspirational women in my life have recently stated how writing dreams down helps us to more forward them.  I personally love making lists and love dreaming, big and small, so this action seemed to be exactly what I need.

Sometimes we become bored, stressed, or lonely without goals, projects or activities to look forward to.  As we grow and change, we end up completely our projects, and then think, “now what?”  Now we manifest more dreams!


Why not record my dreams, ideas, intentions so I can refer back to them?  I write them in no specific order because I trust that they will all happen in Divine timing.

  • Become a regional/traveling yoga teacher.  I hope to travel around Alabama, Southeast United States, and even teach retreats!
  • Dedicate more time for walks/hiking.  I need more cardio in my life, and enjoy taking it all in.  
  • Create and sell artwork and decor.  I have completely neglected my creativity in the arts!  I am going to paint some watercolors, create wooden decor, and sell them to my people.  
  • Travel, travel, travel.  I miss Italia more each and every day.  
  • Open my own yoga studio/shala.  Wildflower Yoga is looking for a permanent home in Gadsden, Alabama.  It will be a sacred space for yoga, healing, love, and acceptance.  
  • Start a healthy living group and encourage vegetarian, organic, and cruelty-free eating and products.  Living in the deep southern states, there are very few healthy options eating out.  I want to bring more awareness to delicious and nutritious options, and help others make mindful decisions.  
  • Finish and publish @healing_yoga_ Vol 2.  It will be bigger than Volume 1 and have more advanced poses and more pranayama and meditation practices!


Please help me keep accountable to my aspirations, and maybe comment with some of your dreams! We can manifest our dreams together!  





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