29-32 weeks pregnant

Welcome to the THIRD and final trimester!

We settled on our OB/GYN, a really kind and supportive woman in the city.  Originally I wanted a midwife and doula, but there are not any in are immediate area, the closest being at least 45 minutes away.  And there are no birthing centers either.  We went to several doctors within the clinic and were not too comfortable with any, until our current one.  She is kind, open, and encouraging!

During these 4 weeks, we had two baby showers, one in town and one in my hometown.  Our drive to my hometown, 8 hours away, went smoothly and we stopped about hourly for potty breaks and to stretch my legs.  Once we got into town, our priorities for the weekend were food!  Shreveport has so many yummy local restaurants, even for a vegan.   My cravings haven’t been very specific, only hunger creeps in randomly and suddenly.

It was wonderful to see so many of my friends and family, 3 of whom are also pregnant!  All three of those girls are expectant with boys.  I still think we’re having a boy, but my husband is torn.  The majority of women I have been around are also leaning towards boy, but every pregnancy is different!  Only God knows.

Baby developed from the size of a pineapple, to a cantaloupe, to a head of lettuce, finally to a pomelo.  During these 4 weeks, he also grew in length 16 inches to 18 inches.  Mama felt really good!  Getting off the couch and out of bed became more challenging, but I got a stool for climbing up in bed.  Haha it has helped so much!

Yoga has felt great still.  Teaching is different because I cannot demonstrate AND do adjustments easily.  Twisting and forward folds (no matter how wide my feet are apart) are no walk in the park.

Everything is moving and progressing along smoothly!

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