33-40 weeks pregnant

First of all, HAPPY DUE DATE TO BABY BEAR!!!!!!!!!

Even though I have been blogging about my pregnancy for 4 weeks at a time, these last many weeks will be clumped into one post.

Many pregnant women say the second trimester is the most enjoyable, the first being difficult because of morning sickness and the third being uncomfortable because of the large belly.  Luckily, I have had a very smooth pregnancy the whole time!  Of course there were moments in each trimester where I was utterly exhausted, had “morning” sickness, or had round ligament pain.  None of it lasted long or ruined my journey.

One of the things that has helped the most has been my yoga practice.  It has drastically changed; I don’t practice as much and have not been able to teach to my full capacity.  Arm balances went out the window, especially towards the last weeks.  Headstands were still accessible and felt great as long as I wanted to practice them, but other inversions, like forearm stands and handstands took a back seat.  I lost the comfort to bend over while teaching and perform adjustments or walk around often.  Much of my practice transitioned into watching as I teach, pranayama, and taking yoga off the mat.  Anyway, gentle flows, some balancing, and restorative stretches took priority in my time on the mat.  Cat/cow, downward-facing dog, eagle arms, and light heart-openers have saved my back!  I do not want to “brag” because I know pregnancy isn’t a walk in the park for everyone, but I experienced ZERO back pain.  And I completely credit that to yoga, whether it was gentle flowing, 5 minute stretches with breath work, or vinyasas.

During these weeks, the baby grew regularly, from about 4 pounds to 7 pounds.  For the last 8 or so weeks, Baby Bear gained 0.5 lb a week and reached their approximate birth height.  When we had ultrasounds, the baby was always curled up so much the nurse could not read his/her height accurately.  But, Baby consistently grew normally and was receiving enough fluids.  Healthy baby!  At 40 weeks (March 29), Baby is the size of a watermelon… or the size of a BABY!


We still do not know the gender (I am leaning towards boy, I think. And Papa is leaning towards girl), and the clinic has worked well with keeping it a secret!  Our doctor has spoken to us, very gently, about inducing if the need arises.  We were told with my normal blood pressure and the baby growing healthily, there will not be the need unless we go way past the due date.  Next week (if we make it), we will have one more appointment and schedule a date for induction the following weekend (unless I go into labor beforehand).  I am HUGE on not forcing the baby to come on my time.  I want Little Bear to make the journey earth-side when he/she is ready!  If we make it to 41 weeks, John and I will try all the old-wives-tales to naturally induce Baby.  Hopefully we won’t have to worry about an induction or specific date.

Overall, my first pregnancy has been amazing.  Feeling the baby move, hearing the heart rate, seeing him/her through the ultrasound, and learning all about the growth of baby and mama has been glorious.  Being able to experience this life-changing event alongside my sweet husband has been beyond special.  I love being pregnant!  I truly do, and not because of the attention.  I love being pregnant because of the whole divine experience.  It is beautiful.

One of the most trying things while being pregnant is hearing everyone’s advice.  Sometimes I ask, but most of the time I do not.  I know people mean well and want to support me as a new mommy, but I am very different from most of the people offering their opinions.  It has been hard for me to “take it with a grain of salt.” Also, it is not easy to update everyone individually, especially when I am preparing for the arrival of baby.  That is why I write these blogs, post on Instagram and Facebook, and send group messages.  Most people really do want the best for me and give their advice out of love, which is important to remember.


This Baby will know LOVE.  That I know for absolute certain.
My next post about a baby will hopefully be about the BIRTH of our newborn!!!  All prayers and kind words are appreciated.



Mama Bear,

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