How Cloth Diapering is going

Years before we found out we were pregnant, I envisioned using cloth diapers for my babies.  Once I became pregnant, I decided to begin with disposable diapers until the baby’s BMs got more solid and less frequent – easier and less to clean.  So about 4 months into motherhood, we were full fledge cloth diapering.  We will keep an emergency package of disposable diapers for when I fall way behind on washing, but other than that, it’s all cloth.  And I wish we started with them sooner!

Why cloth?

So many reasons!

First off, in the long run of diapers, cloth ends up costing about half the price of disposables.  Even with the use of power and water for rinsing and washing diapers two or three times weekly, it will still cost less!  Once the cloth diapers are stocked up (at least 30), there is no constant spending and getting different sizes.  Most brands sell one-size-fits-all and can be adjusted as your child grows.

Second, we are minimizing trash in landfills.  From an environmental standpoint, I have heard and read the usage of water to wash cloth diapers equals the amount of damage of disposables.  But again, we are saving money and contributing less to massive landfills.  It depends on how you look at it and which approach you prefer.

Third, cloth diapers are SO cute and much easier than they used to be!  We use AlvaBaby and Mama Koala mainly, and both have snaps and pockets for inserts.  AlvaBaby sends two inserts with each diaper in case you like to double up for a long night’s sleep.  The inserts slide in and absorb the contents.  The snaps adjust the fit of diaper from newborn to toddler or beyond.  With how cute they are, the baby can go with just a shirt and diaper while still looking adorable!  We have tie-dye, dragons, music inspired, puppy paws, robots, and sooo many other precious choices.  It makes diapers more FUN!


Two months in and I honestly think our 6 month old prefers them.  On a warm day, I’ll let him play in just his diaper and he seems so happy in cloth.  They are probably more comfortable for him too!  As long as I stay on top of washing them regularly, there’s no need for many, if any, disposables or extra wash cycles to remove stains.

The only issue we had was him getting a diaper rash, which I actually think was more of a heat rash.  We use the carrier a lot on walks, and the thicker diaper gave him less room to breathe.  He gets naked time almost nightly, and when I noticed he was getting hot, more naked time during the day!  But, that one rash has been gone and with the cool fall weather, there have been no issues.  Only cuteness!

If you are considering cloth diapering, grab a pack of at least six, and go for it!  I don’t consider it too much more work, because all the diapers, liners, and dirty bags can be thrown in the wash together.  And let’s face it, laundry is never ending anyway!


Our next adventure once we finish up with the disposable wipes: CLOTH WIPES!  🙂


Earth Mama,





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