Let’s Talk Self-LOVE

Self-love comes easily for some, and no so much for others.  It’s my mission to create that healthy, loving space for Lucca.  When he learns to love and accept himself, he will be confident, caring, compassionate, kind, and generous.  He will thrive and succeed.

Many of us have been surrounded by negative self-talk, society and ads telling us to lose weight, to wear flattering clothes, to do this or that, and too much emphasis on outer appearances.  It’s all bullshit.

I watch my baby see himself in the mirror and become delighted. He sees a photo of himself and smiles. I pray he always recognizes his face with pride, worth, and excitement.

It has taken me decades to see that I’m beautiful with or without makeup, my happiness does not depend on how flat my belly is, my friends really don’t care if I’m chubby or too thin, and I am more than the cool yoga pose I can do.  Growing up, I was surrounded by conversations of how pretty some people were, how “unfortunate looking” others were, that she needed to lose weight, how she needed to cover up, she needed lipstick, and on and on.  I grew up around pageants, aka JUDGMENT.  Everyone judged everyone else, so of course, I judged myself.  I thought beautiful was thin, tanned, perfect makeup, and perfectly picked out clothes.  Thankfully, I’ve never been one for fixing my hair.  But being around this environment taught me my value lied in how I looked.  How I looked then determined how I felt and viewed myself.  Once I removed myself, I was able to see the toxicity I was buried in.  It has taken even longer to dig myself out of this place of harsh thoughts to see my worth is more than how I look.  Self-love is not narcissistic; self-love IS not loathing your flaws and respecting your natural inner and outer loveliness.

It is a LEARNED behavior to hate the way we look.  It is LEARNED to think we are not good enough.  With all the judgement, where is the time for love?

We are born like Lucca, amazed to see ourselves just as we are.


One day, one breath at a time, CHOOSE TO LOVE YOURSELF.  Choose to see all the wonderful attributes you have and all the gifts you can offer to the world.  Practice self-love, and teach your loved ones the importance of positivity. 🌱


Be daring, LOVE WHO YOU ARE,


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