Is everyone happy in the fall??  I feel like almost everyone I run into is excited for the cool weather and festivities.  It is very refreshing!  The season and the smiling people 😉

My teacher, Leah, reminded me that this season is the time to make changes, to begin cleanses, or set intentions.  In other words, everything around us is moving, so we are moving, too.  Now is the time to use that energy to make changes in our lives!

On the way to class the other morning, I got stuck in unexpected traffic for a while and got to the studio 15+ minutes late.  Ugh.  I was actually on my way to that same class with Leah, the one I had decided to make a priority.  The next best thing was to wander around and find a park to do yoga in.  I went down to the river and sat a little to listen to nature.  I stretched and did a few sun salutations.

Just because I did not make it to the desired class, which I was very excited about, does not mean I did not practice yoga.  Yoga is more than a strenuous practice inside a studio.  Meditation is more than sitting on a cushion for hours.  Not every single moment of our life can be planned, or will happen as planned.  Not everything is serious, flows flawlessly, or is successful.  At times, we have to learn to mold to some of those times and make changes accordingly.

The New Moon of Scorpio occurred the other night.  The perfect time to set new intentions or resolutions and keep the creative energy up!  People think that resolutions are to be set at the beginning of the year, when in reality, everything is changing NOW.  Would it not make sense to choose to make changes now too?  Think about it… the weather is changing, the leaves are changing, the wind is more alive and gusty, sports finish up and others begin, holiday season is so near we can smell it, and we feel more energetic in the cool weather.  In the winter, we are cold, need more calming practices, and tend to stay inside more.

November has just begun and my birthday is the 6th.  I will be 28 years old and have changed dramatically as a human being.  I have been through school, family arguments, college graduation, yoga teacher training, emergency surgery, getting married, and all the small and large events and emotions in between.  I am not the same person as I was in high school, last year, or even yesterday.  So as I constantly change, and my body changes with it, I choose to accept these changes and make the best of every situation.  I choose to use my creative energy for good.  I choose to change the way I think about my body.  I choose to cook more and use more fresh produce.  These necessities might differ tomorrow, but I choose to change when I need to.

I choose now.



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