This week, we will practice Sukhasana, or easy pose!


To enter this pose, come to a seated position.
Both legs fold in toward the torso, with one leg in front of the other. The knees fall outward.
Press down through the tailbone, and extend the spine upward. Think of lengthening the back.
Allow the crown of the head to reach toward the sky. The chin stays parallel to the ground.
Keep the shoulders relaxed and rest the hands on the lap or knees.
Begin to close the eyes and observe the rhythm of your breath.
Stay here, in this moment, for 1 minute to 30 minutes 😊

— If there is any discomfort, try sitting on a yoga block the edge of a folded blanket, or a set of books will do, to allow the hips to open a little more.

💛 This pose is fantastic to use for meditation, to set an intention, to rest during class, and so much more. We often begin and close our classes sitting in this position. Sukhasana helps to calm the brain and stretches the back, ankles, and knees.


Enjoy and Namaste!! 🕉

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