introverted and sleepy

We had some family in town last week, and afterwards I was completely zoned out.  My brother-in-law and his wife came in from across the country with their four little ones.  I rarely see them, and each time I do, there is another blonde baby!  Anyway, the week was so full and fun and left me a little drained.

I only taught about 6 classes within the week they were visiting.  The weather and abundance of rain cancelled one of my classes (it’s a Mindful Walk around the quiet, quaint downtown), and a few other classes of mine have been empty.  When I was teaching in Nashville at 4+ studios, parks, and elsewhere, I barely had any “no-shows.”  Within the year and a half as a budding teacher, there were maybe 10 times out of over 300 classes when no one showed up.  That is about 3% of the time, meaning 97% of all my classes had students.

It has been very different here.  I’m having a complicated time trying to find yoga opportunities.  Also, when I do locate one, people are not there to practice.  This whole process is making me question everything; from as small as changing the time of the class to as large as I’m expecting “too much,” I have felt uneasy about the situation.  There will be at least one class a week (we’ve been here for about six weeks) that no one comes to practice.  However, I am not giving up.  I still put a lot of effort in my teaching and prepare as if I will have a full class.

Other than feeling a little unsteady with my career troubles, there has been a lot more energy around me.  We live only about 20 minutes from my in-laws, and see them almost daily.  I’ve become very used to enjoying meals with them regularly, hanging out at the brewery with my father-in-law, leading my nieces in yoga, and I thoroughly adore our time together.  It is kind of a lower-paced life, and it has helped me internally so much.  With six more people in the mix, and three under the age of six, it wore me out.  My husband did not understand when I would tell him of my fatigue and would remind me I had slept a consistent 8 hours during the week.

Don’t get me wrong.  I LOVE having family and friends in town, and especially enjoy being entertained by funny, sweet children.  I wish we could see them more.  I was also tired from being an aunt, sunshine, no shows, rain, and being open.  When they left last Friday, I took an afternoon nap.  I require more sleep than most and have come to accept that about myself.  Getting enough solid sleep is one of my top daily priorities to function.  When I am really tired, there is nothing I can do except sleep.  I’m like a baby.  That may make me sound weak, but I do not care.  My body needs what it needs (I also know when we do have babies, my sleep needs will be insignificant.  Children do not care about our sleep schedules!  I might as well embrace my shut-eye while I can. ;))  So after my nap, I was much more at peace.  I left to teach a free community class at First Fridays in downtown and felt like myself again.

Shortly, I explained to one of the yogis how I had been a little out of sorts, and she said she is similar.  She said, as an introvert, her energy is drained from being around a lot of people for a long time.  I thought, of course that was what is going on with me!  I was well aware of how I absorb too many emotions and need time to decompress, but I neglected my needs.  Although lacking sleep is not the end of the world, there should always be time for alone time.

Time to decompress, pray, sit in silence, walk alone, write your feelings, exercise, read a book, or nap is something we should all try to do regularly.  When I am able to relax and rest in one of these ways, I am more creative, kinder, and rejuvenated.  Why would I neglect myself of 30 minutes to an hour to return to myself?


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