5-8 weeks

After we found out that I am pregnant, I told most of my closest friends and family.  It is SO DIFFICULT for me to keep a secret like this!  My dream in life has always been to be a mommy, and now everything was falling into place.  John, my sweet husband, has been taking care of me more than usual, and I completely accept the help!  Everything is happening just as it should, without my “say” in the process.  God is in control, and now baby is too.

My last pregnancy post I got really emotional about Sarah Belle, our angel puppy.  In these past weeks I have come to realize, we have the most perfect angel watching over our baby.  I think it came to my attention after she transitioned, but it was too painful to see clearly.  I was still buried in pain, guilt, and overbearing sadness.  Even though I miss her to the same extreme every day, I now know (and try to accept) everything is happening for a reason.

Being a mom has always and consistently been my main goal in life.  I have always loved children and babies, since I was very little myself.  With this, I have always had that thought in the back of my mind that I could be infertile or unable to conceive.  There was never any proof of this except my mind taking over reality.  So here I am, pregnant, with no issues that we know of and ecstatic to be growing a baby in my belly.

With all that being said, I have FINALLY realized… this pregnancy has very little to do with me and my past anyway.  Growing a baby is truly a miracle, a gift from God, and so very divine.

Over the past few weeks, the baby has grown from a poppyseed, to a peppercorn, to a blueberry, to a raspberry, and now the size of a strawberry.  The growth alone is AMAZING!  And once again, I have very little to do with it.  It’s all God’s doing!  Each moment is divinely planned, and I’m just the carrier of the baby until he/she makes their appearance.  And then, I’m blessed to be chosen as a mama to this heavenly treat!

Other than my awareness of the miracle of pregnancy and parenthood, I have been extremely aware of this pregnancy on a physical level.  Experts and fellow mothers say that the first trimester is the most difficult, and I really hope so!  I am a fairly active person, and these first several weeks have completely floored me.  The nausea and fatigue is SO REAL.  Mainly the nausea is difficult.  I also find it humorous that they call nausea “morning sickness” when it lasts all day.  Who named it that anyway!?  I nimble on saltines or graham crackers all day.  I have had more sprite in these weeks than I have had in YEARS (as soon as the nausea subsides, I’m kicking the sprite to the curb. But now it’s what helps the most).

I have been a strict vegetarian (flirting with vegan) for 8 solid years.  I have been sensitive to smells for quite a while, but now it’s a different story.  The smell of BBQ (don’t get me started) seeps in through the closed car window, and I have to cover my nose.  John thinks I’m over-dramatic, but my sense of smell does not lie.  Being in Alabama, there is cooking meat and BBQ EVERYWHERE!  Okay, I can’t even talk about it because I feel sick just mentioning it.  People smoking outside of buildings is driving me crazy, too.  I hope my irritability does not last for the remaining 7 months because it is also alive and well now!

I have not had to cancel yoga once, thank you Jesus!  When I go to teach, I feel quite terrible on the way, but as soon as I turn on the music and turn down the lights, it’s all yoga.  And yes, of course our baby will be a yoga baby!  Maybe that’s why the practice already helps 😉  Teaching yoga and practicing a little at home has really helped me to think of something other than the nausea.  And I usually feel better after class as well.

Since we moved here, I have been going on walks and hikes 2-5 times a week.  With the Alabama heat and extreme nausea, I have been on maybe 3 or 4 walks in the past month.  I’m okay with that because once the fall comes, I will be able to waddle around the neighborhood regularly again.  And hopefully the nausea will lessen by then too.


Ahh, pregnancy is a wild ride!  I’m so excited to be “showing” soon and cannot wait to announce our baby bear in a few more weeks!




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