9-12 weeks pregnant

The nausea has gotten much, much better!  Thank you, God!  Nausea only creeps up at night, and is not nearly as extreme as it was in the second month.  I still am very fatigued, but that is part of pregnancy.  I’m okay with the tiredness and think I have gotten used to it and being adamant about my needs for daily naps/rest.  One day during the 11th week, I took two separate two-hour naps!  After breakfast, I get very tired, and after lunchtime too.  I’m thankful my husband works so hard so I’m able to stay home and take care of my health.  As of now, I’m teaching 1-2 classes a day, and other than housework, that is all.

One of the difficult things about this pregnancy is finding a midwife.  From my research, I have learned that midwives are just now legally allowed to practice in the state of Alabama since May.  There are doulas in Birmingham and Anniston, both locations 45 minutes to an hour away.  Any recommendations would be very appreciated!

I have always been a vivid dreamer, it runs in my family.  In the past, I even had to take sleeping medication because of intense night terrors that left me sweating and screaming.  Since being pregnant, my dreams are more outlandish and so strange!  One of these crazy dreams consisted of a friend giving birth to twin baby cats!  Everyday I wake up going back through my hilarious dreams, and my husband hopes I don’t give him all the details.

In the morning, I wake up thinking about food.  Still not able to eat a lot of flavor, I usually look forward to toast and soy yogurt.  Why do carbs always make us feel better, physically and emotionally?

My body is slowly changing, and I’m anxiously waiting for this bump to show up!  I can feel my uterus growing, and some days it feels as though I have a pregnancy bump.  Most days I feel fat or bloated, and it shows.  Yoga pants are definitely tight and not as comfortable.  My yoga practice has changed (I’ll write about that later), but my baby bump hasn’t gotten in the way, yet.

My allergies have been UNBEARABLE.  I’m not sure if it’s the weather changing into autumn or the baby growing inside me, but I cannot breathe.  Sleeping is difficult too because I wake myself up by wheezing.  I have an inhaler but don’t feel comfortable using it daily, so I’m looking for other options.  A family friend gave me local honey, most of my teas state not to use them while expecting, and this trial has been going on for about 2 weeks.  I hope the honey helps, and as always, I have been practicing pranayama.

The most exciting part thus far has been hearing the heartbeat and getting an untrasound.  We have done both at our two appointments, and both times it was beyond exciting!  The most recent visit (10 weeks and 6 days), we could actually see the baby!  Baby was bouncing, moving, and dancing around, and it was the most precious thing I have ever seen!  Since then, I keep thinking about how sweet it was to watch our little baby move.  I wish I could feel the movement, but that will happen soon enough.  The image of baby’s activity makes me the most anxious and immensely happy.


That is all for now: daydreaming of baby’s movements, dreaming crazy situations, lots of wheezing and stopped-up nose, and still napping regularly.  Any tips for a vegetarian/vegan mama are very appreciated!

Mama Bear,

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