17-20 weeks pregnant

I’m not even sure if you all read my pregnancy blogs, but I continue to write them for those of you that might be familiar or curious.  Also, I share these to remind myself what a wild ride pregnancy is!

For the 17-20th weeks of pregnancy, I felt so much better!  I had more energy and was slowly beginning to “show.”  Being able to see my belly grow helps me to know the baby is real, and growing as well.  Without the growing bump, I might not even feel pregnant!  Since this is the first baby, everything is supposed to take a little longer – a showing belly, feeling the baby kick, etc.  But once these symptoms begin to come up, there is no hiding I am pregnant.  Not that I want to!

My yoga practice is very different.  I do a few flowing sequences with standing poses, but mostly I stretch my hips, hamstrings, shoulders, and chest.  My chest has grown bigger than I could have imagined, and that hinders my moving as easily as before.  I still try to practice (and teach) about 4-5 days a week.  My practice looks a lot like my e-book, Healing Yoga!

With more energy, I have been determined to finish getting our house ready before the baby comes.  I painted the guest bathroom to brighten up the small space, and my husband and I painted the hallway so we could hang up pictures and paintings.  I feel better when my productivity is evident!  There is still much left to do, but we have another few months before I become too big.

During these weeks, we will have the opportunity to see the baby’s gender, but are still planning on it being a surprise.  It is exciting to be welcoming a baby into the world, period, but my hope is that this will encourage me during labor.  I will be incredibly anxious to meet the baby AND see if it will be a boy or girl!  I go back and forth often, but right now I am thinking it’s a girl.  Only God really knows though…

I have felt increasingly guilty about eating the little dairy foods I do, so I also made the jump from vegetarian to vegan.  I wrote a blog about it a few weeks ago.  Ever since I made the switch, I have felt SO much better, physically and mentally about what I feed myself and the baby.

I have always had crazy, wild dreams, just like my parents and siblings.  Lately, they have been very real and somewhat sweet!  A while back, I had a dream I was breastfeeding our baby on a dock at the lake.  The baby was tiny but took to nursing easily, and then I jumped in the water to see our puppy in Heaven, Sarah Belle.  The golden light reflected on the water, and I felt everything was just right.  Another dream, I was sitting in a nursery at church, again nursing the baby.  It was the day after birth and the first time the baby latched on, and we were both completely at peace.  Both of those times, the baby was a girl.  My third and most recent baby dream, the baby was a boy.  I was lying on the couch taking a nap, and was holding the tiny baby in my arms.  The baby was so little, the size of a smaller baby doll, and I just wanted to hold him.  I thought, “I should put the baby back in my belly so he can finish growing… but I had to see him and hold him and love him in person.”


There is not too much else going on, besides the preparation for our first-born!  Over the next few weeks, I will be working on the baby registries (SUGGESTIONS ARE VERY WELCOME), working on the house, reading a lot of books for fun, spending time with our pup and kitty, and daydreaming about meeting our angel 🙂


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