What a Vegan eats.

People ask me all the time now, “What can you eat being vegan?”  There is SO much more in the world than dairy and meat!  Occasionally I have missed cheese, but that is because I’m an Italian at heart and pregnant.  Other than that, I have felt better, more energetic, and not at all guilty about the foods I eat since becoming a vegan.

The list below is one day recently.  I turn to almond milk for any recipe that requires milk, vegan butter if I feel like a buttery taste (it is mainly vegetable oil), and applesauce if something needs eggs.  My diet is not perfect, but I believe we should all allow ourselves to indulge.  Not overindulge!  But sweets are good and salty foods can help the bladder regulate.

Anyway, veganism is not that difficult!  Read labels carefully, find healthy and yummy alternatives, and treat yourself in a mindful ways, and there you have it!


1. Coffee + almond milk.  Almond milk has almost TWICE the amount of calcium in it as cow’s milk.  During childhood and pregnancy, the growing bodies need calcium, not dairy.  Some mornings I am not too hungry, so I steer away from a huge meal.  On slower mornings, I usually have cereal with almond milk, soy yogurt with granola, chia seeds and fruit, or wheat toast.

2. Spinach wrap with cucumber, carrot, tomato, and balsamic  dressing + Hawaiian chips.  Yes, vegans are allowed snack food!  With research and careful attention, chips are okay.
3. Soy peach and mango yogurt with pineapple.  There are many vegan yogurt [alternatives] out there these days: almond milk based, soy based, coconut milk based. etc.  I personally choose the soy yogurt because they have less fat and more protein.  I have eaten the same ones for years now, but they became a necessity early during my pregnancy.
4.  Crackers with organic peanut butter.  Peanut butter is great for protein, to help eliminate allergies early on, and always satisfies a sweet tooth!  Be mindful of selecting a peanut (or almond or cashew) butter that is Non-GMO and does not put anything other than peanuts and oil in the jar.
5. Tofu scramble.  Learning how to prepare tofu can be tricky, but it mixes well in any dish!  No eggs or cheese are needed for a scramble, only potatoes a few veggies, and tofu.
Enjoy what Mother Earth gives us, and remember balance, always.

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