21-24 weeks pregnant

Now THIS is pregnancy!  There is no more wondering if a little baby is growing in my belly.  A few weeks ago, I began to feel the baby moving, and it was simply magic.  At 24 weeks, the baby moves all the time, and my husband can finally feel it when he touches baby’s home!

Let me back track a little.  At 21 weeks, the baby was 10.5 inches long and about 0.75 lb.  During that week, we had an appointment, and everything was looking great.  Mommy had gained about 14 pounds, which is somewhat normal (even though there isn’t really a pregnancy “normal”).  The only real issue I was having during this time was round ligament pain.  I could feel the ligament stretching and it worsened when I walked.  It was more of a discomfort than intense pain.  With all the yoga I do, I was not used to this sort of pressure, so it took a little patience and getting used to.

All the sudden, the little bump grew to a BELLY when I reached 22 weeks.  I felt as though almost overnight, my belly really grew and kept growing.  This big change really comforted me though, and I began to feel so cute!  One night that week, I wore a tighter dress and LOVED seeing and feeling the roundness of my developing body.  The baby was the size of an ear of corn, about 11.5 inches tall, and almost weighed one pound!

When I reached 23 weeks, I hit the 6 months pregnant mark!  My belly was growing so fast, I felt bigger by the hour.  When I woke up in the mornings, there was definitely a belly, but after I ate, the belly seemed to grow out a few inches.  I was started to become clumsy (more clumsy I should say), the round ligament pain was still very present, and it was getting more challenging to get out of bed or off the couch.  It also has been weird constantly reminding myself in yoga to widen my stance.  The baby needs more room, and I have to continuously tell myself to move my feet out in a downward dog, folding forwards, and even standing in mountain pose.  One night falling asleep, I felt the baby kick against my arm.  I was unsure, but the baby really started moving the next day.  Feeling baby move is pure magic!  And holy moly, my belly made me feel SO PRETTY!

At 24 weeks pregnant, I felt as though I had been pregnant forever, in a good way!  I even made a comment to John that I had always been pregnant haha.  In a way, I have.  My body has been preparing for this baby my whole life.  It’s as though an entire universe lives inside my womb.  I feel more purposeful, more beautiful, and always excited about what is going on in my changing body.  My husband has felt the baby kick and noticed how strong he/she already is.  The baby weighs 1.5 pounds, reaches 13 inches long, and is the size of an eggplant!

Mom is noticing stretch marks, even though I oil up everyday, and the ligament sensitivity has calmed down.  After I eat or when I lie down at the end of the day, baby bear moves like crazy!  It makes me want to stay there forever and feel the baby.  I have started to talk to the baby more, rub my belly when I meditate, and fall more in love everyday.  The registries are almost finished, the nursery is coming together, and strangers are noticing the pregnancy.  I had a little meltdown about all the finances of the rest of pregnancy and delivery, but my husband lovingly reminded me God will take care of everything 🙂  Tomorrow I hit 25 weeks and will be faced with a whole new list of symptoms.  And I am looking forward to it all!


I love being pregnant!!!!!!!!


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