25-28 weeks pregnant

Pregnancy has really humbled me.


I feel like I say and think this all the time.  Every day, and every week, there is something new going on.  As much as I have enjoyed pregnancy and want to be pregnant forever, I know that feeling is fleeting.

At 25 weeks, Baby Bear was growing right on track!  Fourteen inches long, the size of a cabbage, and weighing close to 2 pounds, I was feeling him/her move all the time.  The baby enjoys moving when I sit or lie down, and feeling them move makes me so happy.  In the beginning, I was thinking the baby was a boy, then for a few weeks thought girl, and now I am feeling boy.  I even began saying “he” a little, but don’t feel 100% since this is our first pregnancy and child.  John can feel the kicks too, and I try to let him touch my belly whenever the baby is busy.

When I reached 26 weeks, I read that the baby was finally starting to open their eyes and experiencing light and dark.  I also noted that the rest of development until the birth is mainly putting on height and weight.  At this point, Baby Bear was over 14 inches tall, weighing two pounds, and the size of a butternut squash.  When I went to my appointment a few weeks ago, I had gained about 20 pounds since the beginning of pregnancy.  I was worried I was gaining too much, John was worried I was not gaining enough, and the doctor assured us both I was right on track.  I’m hoping to not gain more than 10 more.  Before I saw how my body would respond to carrying a baby, my weight gain “goal” was 28 pounds.  But the more I experience this special time, the more I have accepted my body will change and grow just the way it needs.

The weather became frigid and I stopped going for walks as much.  I think Lizzie is suffering more than me, but once it warms up (or stops raining), we will get back to our “cardio.”  I am still practicing and teaching yoga regularly and feel pretty good in headstands.  Practicing handstands and forearm stands, any core work, and twists will not appear in my practice until after the baby.  And then, only when I feel it’s appropriate.

Once I made it to 27 weeks (right around Christmas) I came down with my first cold.  Around the same time, I got a bladder infection.  Walking was becoming a little more painful, but I thought it was my round ligament stretching.  As it turns out, I had an infection, then got a cold, and then got some more infections from taking an antibiotic.  I also had been battling acid reflux.  Having never really struggled with indigestion and such, I was annoyed and frustrated.  I even slept on the couch on night propped up on pillows!  Eventually that eased up, and I still fought my cold.

Entering the THIRD TRIMESTER, I was feeling pretty good, not too huge just yet.  I still had a slight cold and a little acid reflux, but nothing that was too terrible.  We were busy seeing lots of family, and I think that helped me to feel better.  28 weeks pregnant, Baby Bear was about 16 inches tall(!!), the size of coconut, and weighing 2.5 pounds!  The baby loves moving, and I could even SEE my belly jumping and vibrating when he moves around.  John felt it and was shocked how strong he is.  Maybe (if the baby IS a boy) he will play soccer or be the kicker for Alabama!  Haha it’s so fun dreaming and talking about baby.

I have almost finished our baby registries at Amazon.com, Target, buybuy Baby, and at a local store with adorable things called Mommy & Me.  Picking out baby things is hard.  Not because I’m clueless but because there are too many options and too many things babies now “need.”  I find myself asking advice from friends and even through Facebook.

Less than 80 days until baby’s full moon due date!!!!!


Mamma Bear,

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