The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Being a mother is never easy.  Even when days, or more likely moments of the day, run smoothly, there is always a chance of that changing.  Here are a few truths I have learned with my three- month old boy:


The Good

Lucca naps lying on my chest, and I have just gotten used to it.  No more fighting or wishing he would sleep elsewhere has left me embracing these cherished moments.  And as soon as I accept this fact, he will now nap in the swing (occasionally and completely unplanned)!

Watching my baby develop is amazing and incredible.  It doesn’t hurt he is a genius!  He now smiles and “talks.”  So much and fairly loudly.  And his voice is precious.  Experiencing things beside him is exciting for me too.  He enjoys the water, pulling my hair, and watching futbol.

A baby gets you out of a lot: parties you don’t want to attend, dinners, long events, etc.  He’s an “excuse,” but he also needs his mommy and papa.  So we aren’t lying when we are absent!

Learning what works for him (soothing, sleeping needs, etc.) makes me feel like a supermom!  I am thrilled when I figure out exactly what he wants and needs.

I absolutely adore breastfeeding!  Feeding my baby is one of my favorite events of the day, and I am in awe my body gives him nourishment.  He eats very often, about every 2 hours, and it always immediately calms him.  Oh, and when he randomly unlatches and smiles up at me… it is the cutest thing in the whole world!


The Bad

It’s not too bad, but it definitely isn’t easy when I need to go to the bathroom when Lucca is napping on me.  I usually end up waking him as I try transitioning him into the bouncer, go to the bathroom, and have trouble getting him back to sleep.  Result: tired, cranky baby or about-to-burst bladder.

Crying (more likely screaming) in the car.  I don’t consider this ugly because I have gotten a little used to it, and it doesn’t happen every single time now.  However, driving a vehicle with a very upset baby is not ideal and can turn stressful.

Getting pooped on.  Non-parents would absolutely consider this an ugly experience, but it’s not so bad.  Sometimes, you even celebrate it after waiting for a bowel movement!


The Ugly

The worst thing I’ve experienced thus far has been seeing Lucca sick.  He has only had a cold and although his cough is adorable, I feel terrible for getting him sick.  *I cannot imagine a worse illness and am beyond thankful a cold is the worst that has happened.

I have gotten mastitis TWICE.  In only 14 weeks of breastfeeding.  It just so happened during these times that my baby did not want to sit still, so it was hard to rest.  But he still nursed very well, and breastfeeding is one of the most helpful treatments!

Sometimes motherhood brings out the ugly in ME.  I am a highly sensitive person, and it definitely shows as a mother of an infant: smells irritate me (I don’t want them to also bother him or for him to not smell like an innocent baby), people’s unwanted opinions and advice are too much, and it can be hard to not let things bother me.  I do all the hard work, and he happily let’s another woman (family or not) hold him?!



All in all, every part of life is not perfect and beautiful and enlightening and sweet and comfortable.  In the ugly times, we learn.  We become even more grateful for the happy times.  In motherhood, we truly are in a meditative state, living moment by moment.  Remembering to take deep breaths and soak in every second.  It is fleeting, the good, the bad, and the ugly.




Mama Bear,


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