Importance of Positive Thoughts

The Importance of Positive Self Talk.
How you talk to yourself and about yourself affects how you act and speak around others.  Are you loving towards yourself or do you have a tendency to get down and harsh when you stumble?  Do you give yourself room to breathe and compassion or immediately turn to self-pity?  It is HARD to change habits, but creating a positive dialogue in your mind is crucial to your well-being.

People expect me to be actively trying to slim down from pregnancy.  Me?  I am working on the inner self.  I take care of myself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to be the healthiest version of me.  The physical part is the least of my concern.  With yoga, meditation and prayer, I can work on all of these.  And, my baby doesn’t care about my body as long as he can still breastfeed!  It’s all about how I think about myself that affects how I feel and act (not how others think of me or what they expect of me).

When I cannot calm my baby after hours or many tries and not enough sleep, I tend to get discouraged.  I think, “I’m not doing well enough.  What am I doing wrong?  Does my baby even like me?  Maybe I should be trying to get in better shape so my energy level will be higher.”  And many other IRRATIONAL thoughts.  The fact is these thoughts are irrational, not true at all, and they need to cease.  My focus should be on my baby and being a positive influence on him.  This influence includes how I speak to myself and to others.

I want to set an example of kindness, compassion, patience, and positivity for my son.  If this is my wish, I have to begin with my inner speech.  How can I practice anything with others without first changing how I talk to myself?  How can I expect him to learn love and patience if I do not demonstrate it with myself?

It’s time to be KIND to myself (and others), create healthy habits, and embrace those so-called flaws.  This week, I dedicated my yoga practice and classes to the need for positive self talk.  Without practicing this concept regularly and daily, we can easily fall down a path of self destruction.


I encourage you to practice mantra when you become frustrated, tired, or negative.  Inhale your truth, and exhale your truth.  For example, inhale “I am a loving mother and am wonderfully providing for Lucca.”  Then exhale, “I am a loving mother and am wonderfully providing for Lucca.”  Repeat this little exercise for at least one minute when you get worked up.  Adapt your affirmation to your current situation, and continue with it until you accept it as truth.

What you say, you will believe.  What you believe, you will become.  Who you become is who you share with the world.



In kindness,


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