Breastfeeding love

Some people are weird about breastfeeding, especially in public.  I believe I was even raised to think the same thing, it should be in private.  Did you know it is much more accepted in Europe and Africa?  Most people don’t give it a second thought if they spot you nursing your child on a park bench or throughout the day.  It’s free, has amazing benefits, and convenient.

Did you also know that breastfeeding didn’t make a “come back” until the 1970-80s in the United States?  Many people of my generation were given formula due to lack of knowledge.  Now, our progressive generation is trying to go back to natural: organic foods, cosleeping, and breastfeeding.

I am aware not all mothers are able (or maybe willing) to breastfeed, so I’m even more grateful I am able to.  But I think we should all be willing to TRY.  *And it is important to support other mothers’ decisions!  We are all in this club together.  Feedings are my favorite times of the day.  They are good for mama and baby.  We bond, he smiles, cuddles, holds my hand, and gets insanely healthy nutrients at the same time! 💙

Breastfeeding is beautiful.  If someone has an issue with seeing a mom offer the breast to her child, it’s HIS/HER issue.  The mother should not be embarrassed or need to cover up.  We are in the 21st century!  This is what women’s breasts are for- producing milk to feed babies.  Again, if someone has an issue sexualizing them, it’s HIS/HER issue.  Plus, I think those uncomfortable on-lookers would rather a quiet baby than a screaming one.  Babies eat at least 8 times a day (up to 100 in Africa. Yes, 100 times a day!).  It is not practical to run into hiding for every nursing OR cover up with a blanket.  Why should we?

My baby boy is 3 and a half months old and only breastfeeds.  I pump enough for only one bottle daily.  I am a stay-at-home mother and nurse him whenever he needs, so I don’t need to use the breast pump.  The bottle gives his Papa an opportunity to feed him at night before bed.  Sometimes, Lucca interrupts his feedings to smile up at me.  At times, he stops so he can “talk” to me.  Other times, he pulls my hair, unlatches to bury his face in my arm crease, or falls asleep causing milk to drip on me.  Not every single feeding is smooth or straightforward.  Not every nursing is wonderful or easy.   But each and every feeding is great because he is being fed.

As a society, we should be past making women feel ashamed for decisions.  Somehow we aren’t.  People have walked up to me, see that I’m feeding Lucca, said “I’m sorry,” and stumbled away embarrassed.  This also should not happen.  Breastfeeding should be accepted, welcomed, appreciated, and encouraged, not shunned.  No one should be uncomfortable seeing a baby being fed!  It’s normal!  This is one of the dozen plus reasons we should breastfeed in public, smile at other mothers who are too, and not feel the need to cover up.


I’m so proud of the changes our generation is making and so blessed to breastfeed my infant.



Breastfeeding newbie,


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