Then and now, same, but different

Hey there!

I know I have not been posting regularly (due to that mom life), but if this blog is helping me work through feelings and share my experiences, it has to be a priority.

To see where I am, it’s interesting to go back through older posts to see where I’ve been.


I am still a new first time mother, and am still in love with my son.  He will be HALF A YEAR old in a little over a week!

My husband and I have found time to ourselves again!  The baby now not only has a bedtime routine, but we lie him down in his bassinet until we go to bed.  If he wakes up fussing, I go in to soothe him back to sleep.  It usually takes 1-5 minutes because he’s tired and not willing to fight me.

Thank God, we have found local story times, play dates, and a mother’s group.  Lucca stays with me during the moms meeting so I can nurse him on demand and let him sleep in my arms.

Lucca still fights naps, sometimes flails due to exhaustion.  BUT if I watch him closely, I have learned when to catch as soon as he first gets tired in order to put him down peacefully for a nap.

I took a Facebook break and it was AMAZING.  Unfortunately, information on our groups and my yoga classes are on Facebook so nyy breaks cannot be too long.

I went from teaching 3-5 yoga classes a week down to 1.  Teaching postpartum, with a small infant in tow, was not what I envisioned.  And/or attendance was not high enough to make sense continuing.  For now.  I am hoping 2019 wil be different!

Motherhood is exhausting, but I do not cry as much because we’re sleeping more these days.  Hooray!

Breastfeeding is awesome, even with a few setbacks.  Lucca and I have powered through almost 6 months, and there is no stopping soon!  He will begin complementing breastmilk with veggies in a few weeks, if he is interested.

We switched to cloth diapers, and we three love them!

While we are accepting our current living situation, our little family is looking forward to future changes: different city, new opportunities, and growth. For the moment, we are doing everything we can to be happy and to give Lucca the very best.


At the beginning of motherhood everything was new, now everything is new but more familiar.  We are slowly finding our way through life…


Seeing you again soon with more life, stories, and yoga!


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