2019 Intentions

I say it regularly, and I’ll say it again: I prefer to set intentions instead of goals or resolutions.  Intentions come from a place of compassion and positivity, igniting hope for change.  Resolutions can stem from a place of judgment or the thought that we are not complete as we are.

So my intentions are thought out, revisited often, and adjusted as needed.  I share below my ideas for the upcoming year, and look forward to seeing my life a year from today.



I miss the stress relief of running, so I plan to run 2 days a week.  No minimum time or distance, only just to put on my running shoes, and GO.

Lucca and I used to go for walks regularly, but the cold and rain have hindered us from getting out.  My intention is to walk or hike 3-5 times a week.  Again, no time frame, just putting in a little more activity.

Lately I have been at least stretching every night, and practicing yoga with Lucca often during the day.  And my body feels so much better, my digestion is healthier, and my stress is less.  A little bit of yoga goes a long way, so this will be an every day practice (like it used to be).



I’m going to meditate daily, as little as 5 minutes.  In the past, I would meditate weekly, but I’ve never been dedicated to this practice.  And the whole purpose of asana, yoga postures, is to prepare for meditation.  I will also incorporate a few more minutes into my classes for it.

A few months ago, I began reading a meditation a day, and have really enjoyed getting back in touch with yoga philosophy.  It helps my personal development, practice, and teaching.  I’m going to continue with this through the year.



Instead of attempting to blog multiple times a week, then ultimately taking a month long break, I’m being more practical (with having a 9 month old and all).  I’m committing to one blog a week and journaling once a week.  If there’s time for more, great, but if not, that’s okay too.  Sharing is a healing outlet for me.  I speak my truth, express feelings, and learn about my self and connections in the process.  Writing is never a bad thing!

Reading is one of my favorite hobbies, so instead of turning on mindless TV or scrolling through social media, I prefer to open a book.  Get lost in a story or furthering my knowledge.



The biggest thing I’m focusing on in 2019 is following through with commitments.  I’m super sketchy, always have been, but it’s time I show up.  If I show up for myself it will be that much easier to show up elsewhere.  Creative and exciting projects have come to mind, and I really want to see those manifest.

I want this next year to be positive, fun, full of new friends, new experiences, and making things happen.  Part of manifesting is returning back to these intentions every month, which I plan to do.  To check in.  To write mantra out and share.


So happy new year and happy intention setting!  May your year be filled with love, kindness, and peace.


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