Social Media Cleanse

With a few days left of the year, I have mindfully decided to step back from social media, particularly Instagram and Facebook.  While I enjoy being in touch with friends, finding yoga inspiration, and communication, I need a break.  Some days, I’ll scroll endlessly.  Sometimes I’ll get pissed at the amount of judgement, consumerism, and carelessness I witness.  Although the negative – and positive – do not directly affect me, I will find myself dwelling over certain topics.

And the truth is, it’s not real.

No matter how authentic I try to be and share the rough days along with the lovely ones, it is still what I choose to share.  You can try to be real, but it’s still a highlight reel.  Posts and stories are up to what we feel is worthy to show others.

With my time away from these outlets, I hope to read more, contact whomever I wish to talk to by calling, texting, or emails, and be more mindful with my “free time.”  I know I’m not alone when I scroll mindlessly or go down a rabbit hole to see if “so-and-so” is still following her ex-boyfriend.  And I’m not alone in wasting precious time by doing so.

Recently, I have also been unfollowing people.  People who I have nothing in common with or do not respect.  Gun advocates, hunters, meat-eaters who mock non-meat eaters, Trump enthusiasts (really? STILL??), and people who don’t show an interest in my story.  Now, of course I do not expect everyone to be a liberal holistic vegan yogi Earth Mama like myself.  No.  I know there are other beliefs, and even though I strongly disagree, I respect that those people are on different paths.  But you know what?  I recently have discovered some people I follow, like, grew up with, and have motherhood in common with, do not follow me.  So why am I wasting my energy, my TIME, on them?

It is not worth it.

So much of social media is simply not worth it.

I’m not angry with these people or with the internet.  I am a little hurt, sure, but mad?  Again, I am not going to waste my energy on them.

Or scrolling, liking, commenting, and engaging with others.  For now.  My energy is needed elsewhere.


So with a little break, I am looking forward to finishing the year lighter.  And beginning the new year fresh, positive, and more energetic.  I will have more time to really rest, sit with MY thoughts, and set intentions for 2019.  Also, I won’t be thinking, “Ah, I gotta share this on Instagram!”


*It’s only a few days, but I really need to get back to being present.




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