WEEKLY I will be presenting you with a basic yoga pose to help you begin your practice!  You have a whole week to play and find your version of this pose.  Be safe and patient with your body.  Most of all, breathe deeply!


Child’s pose, or Balasana in Sanskrit, is a pose you will most likely visit in every yoga class. It can be practiced in a restorative class or at the end of hard vinyasa flows.  Lots of options with this one!


1. Begin by kneeling on the knees with the shins touching the ground and the hands under the shoulders, in tabletop.  Knees can be at hip distance apart (if that isn’t accessible, the knees can be further out but the toes touch).

2. Your arms can stay extended, like I am demonstrating, or you can bring them to your feet with the palms facing up.  Allow the toes to touch as you sit your hips back towards the feet.

3. As you exhale, lay the belly down towards the thighs/ground, hinging from the hips. Push the tailbone down as you rest your forehead on the ground (or towards it). Think about lowering the heart and chest toward the ground.

4. If the arms are extended, use the palms to help you push the tailbone back. If the hands are by the feet, press the upper back towards the sky, feeling space in the back.  Relax the shoulders.

5. Stay here anywhere from 30 seconds to several minutes.  Sometimes I will stay here most of my practice.  Listen to your breath. 😏


Some Balasana Benefits:
☉ Helps reduce stress and depression
☉ Stretches the hips, quadriceps, and ankles
☉ Calms the brain
☉ Helps relieve fatigue
☉ Can be practiced alone, or after a series of poses.


Have fun, be safe, and relax! 🕉

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