11 Simple Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

Regret is not something I claim.  There are mistakes in my life, but I believe they all have taught me lessons.  Sometimes the lesson is simply “don’t do that again,” or maybe the explanation is much deeper.  Whatever the mistakes, everything has brought me right here, where I am meant to be.

If I were a time traveler, I would travel back to myself to give insight.  Many times in my life I felt lost, and what I needed was reassurance.  I needed confidence from myself.  So here I provide some of these things that could have helped me, or maybe help someone else who needs to be uplifted.

These words of advice are not just for my younger self.  They are for all the girls, women, and anyone who do not see the value and worth they have in themselves.  Life is hard enough, and my hope is that I can help someone be kinder, more patient, and loving to themselves and others.


  1. You are beautiful, just the way you are.  Naked, in a swimsuit, under a winter coat, you are enough just the way you are.
  2. YES, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL.  Inside and out.  People can say whatever they want, but this self-love is imperative.  Your heart and soul are the most important in this life, not the physical body that carries them.  All of you is beautiful.
  3. True love is R E A L.  It will come when you least expect it, and believe that you are worthy of this magical love.
  4. [All]Most all boys really do want one thing.  Surround yourself with boys you trust and who have good intentions.
  5. Always choose girl friends over boys.  These friendships are irreplaceable.  And if your girl friends really love and know you, they will push you towards that guy who turns out to be “the one.”
  6. Spend more time with your family.  Never let there be any doubt that you love, respect, and cherish your family and your time together.
  7. Go without make-up often, and always wash your face at night.  Showers may seem excessive, but always wash your face.
  8. Enjoy school.  Embrace being around students with the same interests, and notice those who will help you grow.  College will transform you, so be open minded.
  9. Put others above yourself.  When you think and act selflessly, all the anxiety and obsession will subside.
  10. Do not be ashamed of your sensitive and empathic nature.  It is a gift and will make sense to you in time.  Be grateful of your intense emotions and ability to f e e l.
  11. Always trust in God’s will.  You will be challenged and led down treacherous paths, but without God, there is no hope.  All love, grace, mercy, and hope comes from Him.


My simple thoughts could go on and on, but these are the core.  Do you see a pattern?  Love.  I talk about love quite often, but we can always have more love in our lives!  It begins with the Source (God), and trickles down to all humanity.


We hear these things over and over, but imagine if YOU told these things to yourself?  You would probably be more likely to believe them!  Write some down, no regret or past judgment, to release and let go.  Or write some down to share with your children down the road 🙂


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