Why are Yoga Pants so expensive?!

The struggle is real.

The cost of activewear, specifically yoga pants, is outrageous!  As a yoga instructor and yogi who practices and/or teaches everyday, quality yoga pants are a must.  Some days I teach power vinyasa classes, where we sweat a lot and need a change of clothing after.  Other days I teach yin and restorative classes and can leave my yoga leggings on all day.  In the mornings, I put on yoga pants and always prepare for a yoga opportunity.  “Yoga-on-the-go” is one of my favorite things, and always want to be comfortable and prepared to stop, drop, and yoga when I need.

In the beginning of my yoga journey, I would wear whatever.  Shorts, flowy shirts, or flea market leggings were my usual.  The more I ventured out and practiced consistently, the more I realized I wanted clothing that didn’t need to be fiddled with.  Making adjustments to the clothing should be the very last thing on our minds when we’re on our mats.  Finding clothes that fit and don’t shift out-of-place constantly is a little important in my life.  And with my more active lifestyle, I prefer pants that will last a long time.

However, yoga pants and their prices don’t change.  So I began looking, really searching and researching for some quality yoga pants.  I have found discounts, sales, and outlets, but it honestly doesn’t make much of a difference.  After looking for a few years now, I have come to accept yoga pants are expensive.  Most nice, lasting leggings still start around $50-$75… ON SALE!  As a yoga teacher, I do not quite comprehend how I am expected to sport these products with my “income.”  Allow me to let you in on a secret… yoga teachers don’t make much money.  In fact, most teachers supplement their teaching with another form of income.

Which brings me to another (annoying) point.  Girls who do not work out, do pilates, run, or practice yoga and wear “athleisure” as a style drives me a little crazy.  They don’t even use the pants for their intended design!  I think what bothers me more though is that they can afford and wear them while it’s harder for me.  This might make me sound petty, but think about it.  I teach yoga for a living, but cannot really build up my wardrobe with nice fabrics.  Other women wear yoga pants for “style” and run around in these clothes and do not practice.  It seems a little strange to me.

I understand the need for comfort.  I have almost always dressed in a comfortable fashion because that is how I feel confident and like myself.  Yoga pants happen to be super comfortable and most are also flattering.  So I guess I can see where the athleisure fad comes from.  All I am saying is, I don’t know how people can spend so much money on leggings!

Why are yoga pants so expensive?  Are they donating some of the proceeds to a needy cause or influential organization?  How do yoga teachers afford a proper yoga wardrobe?  

Maybe when my yoga teaching grows more here, I will slowly be able to accumulate more high-quality pants.  It isn’t about how they look, but it is about the sustainability and fit.  If you have any tips, help a yogi sister out!

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite leggings and brands:

  1. AloYoga.  I LOVE these pants!  There are many high-waisted options, which I love, but they range from $78-$118.  That is more than I usually get paid to teach a workshop.
  2. Gaiam.  These are thankfully a little more affordable, but not by too much.  They are so comfortable though!  Gaiam has a great selection of yoga props, thin mats, and more.
  3. LoveZuvi.  During one of the yoga challenges on Instagram, a fellow yogi sent these to me because she had way too many yoga pants.  I wear them all the time!  They are comfy, eco-friendly, and have beautiful patterns.  Cost is about $70, not on sale.
  4. Teeki.  Teeki has some awesome patterns and styles, but I have not bought any of these yet.  Cost is $70 plus,
  5. Liquido Active.  I love the look of these and assume they fit comfortably.  Again, I have not had the pleasure of purchasing a pair.
  6. Prana.  I love everything Prana… the soft fabrics, the diversity, and the discounts for influencers does not hurt!


Good luck finding yoga leggings that don’t clean out your pockets!  If you find any soft, flattering, affordable brands, please share!




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