Dearest Lucca

Dearest Lucca,


You coming into our lives has been a gift.

You try my patience as you teach me infinite love.

You worry me with your crying while you warm my heart with snuggles.

You have stolen sleep from my nights, but I get to watch you sleep and make precious breathing sounds.

You frustrate me when you want to be held literally all day, but then I miss you if you are away from me.

Meals are hard to eat, but as long at you eat, I can manage.


I wish you could have known Sarah Belle, our angel puppy.  She would have loved you and enjoyed watching you grow.

I look forward to doing yoga with you… and if you do not like it, I will let you play and live your life how you wish.


Lucca, your name, is an Italian city I visited 8 years before you were born.  It is an hour from Florence, where I studied for a semester, and cannot wait to take you there one day.

Lucca also means “light.” And Bennett means “blessed one.”  And you are my blessed light.

Your smile reaches across your face into your ocean blue eyes.  My heart melts.  Those eyes are not a normal ocean color, but a Pacific blue ocean.  The most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.

I love watching you cuddle and sleep on your Papa.

You are two months old, and I want you to grow and learn.  And I want you to stay this size forever.

You make me a little crazy.

You have made me a mommy, my favorite title and role.


I love everything about you, even all the things I do not understand yet.  Thank you for being my greatest teacher.

Mamma ti ama sempre,


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