Ther other day I listened to a webinar that really resonated with me.

One of the topics was body positivity versus acceptance and reality.  What one of the women said spoke directly to me.  Here is what I took from the conversation…

We don’t have to LOVE our flaws, we just have to find PEACE with them.  As imperfect humans, we should get to a point of accepting where we are, who we are, and being okay with that.  There will always be room for improvement, but we are where we are.  It is not realistic to love all the things we find “wrong” with ourselves, but it is realistic to be neutral.  To not loathe our imperfections.

And from this neutrality comes learning.  From learning about ourselves, we can use these lessons of acceptance, compassion, and kindness and serve others.  We share our stories and selves in order to help others.

Isn’t that a beautiful message?

I want my son (my Sun) to love himself.  I hope he knows how beautiful, smart, funny, and wonderful he is.  And if he sees something he does not like in himself, I hope he seeks peace.  To think of him hating or being self-conscious of a body part, a personality trait, or an ability hurts my soul.

I should be an example of strength, self love, and peacefulness.  When I doubt myself, I will think of Lucca.  It is my intention to show him how to view himself with kindness.  Therefore, I should view myself, flaws and all, with acceptance.

Choose love,


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